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2015-12-23 - 11:50 a.m.

Holy bilateral Achilles tendon injuries, Batman!

Never suddenly burst into a run without first properly stretching and warming up. You can hurt yourself that way. I am sore today. Both ankles are sore and my Achilles tendons are really tender. Thanks to my sudden run through the neighborhood yesterday. ::flat stare::

This is my last work day till Tuesday after Christmas. I arranged to have Monday off due to relatives visiting and now I don't really need it because they've cancelled their plans to come down. I might just work that day, but I'm not going to tell anyone at work until I do it. That way I can be off if I want. This is a short work week and so is next week.

Time has flown by so fast this year. I was looking so forward to Autumn and now we're in winter already. I like winter here too though. It's not cold. I'd like a little snow once in a while. If I move to Colorado, I'll get a whole lot more than I want of the white stuff. It's a dry cold though, so it's not so bad. I remember playing outside there in the snow in short sleeves and it wasn't cold. Sometimes in May and June a big gust of wind comes and you can see snow from the mountain sparkling in the air like glitter.

Needless to say, the only time you have glitter in the air here is during Southern Decadence. (gay festival)

I think I am probably driving over to my sister's house on Christmas day. My nephew got the wrong days off and he''s got himself scheduled to be at work the day after Christmas. He wants me to let him ride with me and bring him back the evening of Christmas so he can go to work. I've declined that awesome offer. He doesn't want to drive his own car because the "check engine" light is on. I told him what days to get off work and I told him at Thanksgiving to turn in his vacation request right then to make sure he got it. But noooooooooo. He wants to ride with me anyway and I smell a plan. He wants to ride with me and then cut a fit on Friday night about needing to get back. He thinks he can persuade me to come back early. But he is mistaken about that. I think this whole thing was a ruse to limit the amount of time we had to spend there. I'm staying as long as my parents and kid are there. So homey better take his own car or get ready to call in "stranded". My car ain't rolling this direction until the family thing is over.

This boy actually said to me "Can't you do this ONE THING for me to make this easier for me?" And he was serious.

Not even joking.

I just got a Christmas miracle!! One of my students passed her exams with 100% and I don't have to do a PILE of reviews on her stuff that I was going to have to do TODAY before the end of the work day. WOOHOO!! Merry Christmas to me!! I must be an awesome teacher,(or had great luck of the draw) because 2 of my students have been stars and even my idiot student is coming around. I'm worried about her passing the test though. She's not big on critical thinking skills. New Boss thinks she is an absolute turd. She refers to her as a "challenge". She has shown serious improvement though. I am over the moon that I get to delete a huge pile of work from the student who no longer needs mentoring!! Ahhhhh... the relief of a lightened workload...

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