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2015-12-18 - 3:07 p.m.


I am sooo glad it's Friday. I am going to wrap all my gifts and finish buying a few little things during the weekend. I have to go to the mall to get some of my sister's favorite fancy tea from the tea shop. She mentioned she is out of that stuff and it will be good for her box-o-delights. I've gotten her a cast iron warmer for her cast iron tea pot, some pricey skin care stuff that she is going to love, a fat bar of very lightly fragranced soap that I use and she likes to use when she comes to visit, a carved stone tea-light powered, scented wax warmer thingy that is beautiful, and I'm going to pick up the tea and maybe some candies from places in the world where we used to live... Hawaii and Germany, to be exact. I can get that at the World Market. I will probably throw in other little doodads I find along the way.

I've already given my nephew his Fallout 4 game that I got him. He has been bugging me for days. I caved because when we go to the family Christmas thing, he will have lots of gifts from the family and I thought it won't hurt to let him have this one now so he can enjoy it before we go. I know he is getting another game he really wants from his mom, so this stretches out his joy. He gave me a very fancy flashlight for lighting up the whole back yard when the dogs go outside to poo at night. I like to watch and make sure they go so I can judge whether or not they are good to stay in for the night. I just said a good flashlight would be nice. So he got me this fancy, zooming flashlight that lights up the whole world. I like it!

My sister and I went in together on a trip for my parents to a nice Bed & Breakfast in Hot Springs. We sent them there on their Anniversary one year and they loved it so much we're doing it again.

My cousin who was too cheap to pay her fair share of the lodging on the vacation in October has posted on FB that she just paid 3 times the hefty ticket price to see a singer she likes. Which means hundreds of dollars was blown on a concert after she couldn't afford to pay 300 bucks for a week's worth of luxury lodging. I don't think I'd want the family members to know I was blowing fists full of cash after stiffing them on expensive lodging that was booked counting on her to pay her part. Tacky.

Ah well...

Tool is touring and will be in my neck of the woods next month. The tickets sold out in like negative 3 minutes, thanks to the scalpers who should be stopped. So I went online and looked for tix on stub hub. The best seats are over $2000.00. I would pay Maynard 2K to come to my house and sing me a few songs. But not for the privilege of sitting in a stadium hearing him with thousands of other people. You can sit in the nosebleed section for around $100. No thanks. Or you can do like I'm going to do and stay home and listen to your Tool CDs. Or get Alexa to play it. I've seen Tool in concert a few times. They are magnificent and I'd love to go again, but not this time.

Before my sweet heart bailed on me, I had bought him a key chain made from a big beautiful smooth hunk of shiny hematite, a German language learning set, and a book that both he and I would find interesting. It wasn't Christmas, it was just because. I thought we still had a future together and I would help him learn to speak and understand German. I never got to give it to him. Instead of coming to see me that year he got to meet the other woman's son. Who is about his age. Awkward!

I still have those things, and some of his other stuff he left behind. Things like his pistol, a book he wanted to give his dad, the love of his life, and his man panties.


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