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2015-12-12 - 11:48 p.m.

Second most notable thing that happened today: I was supposed to cook dinner and I was unusually sleepy so I laid down on my bed to "rest my eyes" for a minute and the next thing I know, it's 11 pm and I'm waking up. So now I feel rather refreshed and hungry. I whipped up a homemade chicken pot pie which is in the oven right now (I had previously cooked a batch of chicken for it) and I'm going to eat a midnight supper and maybe watch a movie, maybe do a little Christmas shopping. I'm guessing I won't be sleepy any time soon.

I'm thinking of watching "America Ultra". It's Jesse Eisenberg playing a stoner who works in a convenience store and then he gets into some kind of a scuffle with some criminals and finds out he is apparently a highly trained CIA operative who has been brainwashed to forget his CIA past. Looks like it would be entertaining.

The MOST notable thing of my day was receiving a marriage proposal earlier today from a guy I know. He was talking out his ass. We don't have any kind of romantic relationship. He said "Will you marry me? My life is a mess and I need you to crack the whip and kick my ass and make me straighten up." I said "Hah! That's exactly why I am divorced. I don't like to crack the whip and kick people's ass and make them do what they are supposed to do. But thanks for the offer... that sounds like an awesome deal for me." and then we laughed. I told him it was ironic that he mentioned this today. I was just telling my nephew that I need a wife myself. I need a wife to run around and clean stuff and decorate. I have no time for that anymore now that I'm a workaholic again. I had a maid service estimate yesterday and I'm getting service starting next week. My nephew thinks I'm nuts and today he said "You are turning into your mother! (clean freak) You have this spotless house that is PERFECT and you're talkin' bout "I need a maid"."

The maid service will do stuff I just don't have time for anymore. They will deep clean all the surfaces, bathrooms, wipe down the cabinets, dust everything, and their brochure gives a very detailed list of what all they do. I think it will be worth every penny. They will keep it nice and clean and I will be able to spend my non-work time doing things I'd rather do instead of cleaning.

It's time for me to eat. "Eat" is my puppy's favorite word. He likes both "Eat" and "hungry" those are his magic words. They always make his ears perk up. My older dog's special words are "chicken" and "cheese". You can't even *think* about cheese without him knowing.

My pooches have it made.

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