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2015-12-10 - 8:51 p.m.

So there's this twit at work...

I think this wackadoodle takes it personally when she asks me a question and the answer isn't what she was hoping for. I don't understand her species. I'm not super emotional about just ordinary work facts. She gets all kinds of terribly bent out of shape if I give her any answer other than the one she wants. Like, she is personally invested in being right and being unquestioned. I have to go by certain regulations that sometimes prevent me from being able to do whatever it is she is asking for. When this happens, she tries to undermine me with my bosses. She is a tattler and she does not necessarily need the truth. She simply makes shit up.

For 5 years this same twit has been doing this same kind of thing and I've always pretended not to know, so we can have a decently pleasant working relationship since I cannot avoid dealing with her. Of course the boss always sends the twit's complaint emails directly to me. So I see what she has said about me and I quietly prove to my bosses, whoever they are at the time, that I did what I was supposed to do in the situation and that is the end of it. No need to let her know she is exposed.

Well this time, I politely confronted the shit talker and told her that I've been aware all along about her tactics, but I had chosen not to reveal that out of a desire to avoid engaging in her brand of drama. I explained that I now have to speak up because I am tired of having to prove her wrong and I'd rather spend my time doing my work instead of pulling daggers out my back. I also cannot allow her to continue to put my professional reputation and livelihood at risk with a bunch of skewed facts and nonsense.

She lost her shit. She emitted the most awkward series of shrieks and quacks and grunts and then hung up on me, later emailing to say that the hospital's phone system had gone down and she would call me back when the phone lines were back up. Problem with that story: I called the facility right back and spoke with the receptionist. So.. eh... not so much. I haven't heard a peep since. I hope the poor thing doesn't have a seizure or anything. It's kind of like the kid who pokes a dog with a stick every day and then one day is gobsmacked when he gets bit. I held back, big time, and didn't really give her much of what she had coming. If I had said unvarnished what I really wanted to say, I can't even imagine what her response would have been.

She's been provoking me for 5 years with no push back. So chomp, chomp.

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