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2015-12-06 - 1:48 p.m.

People are making noises about the state of Texas seceding from the USA. Again. Here's a quote:

"If the Federal Government continues to disregard the Constitution and the sovereignty of the State of Texas, the State of Texas should reassert its prior status as an independent nation."

There was a vote, and we did not succeed to secede, as it were.

The groovy thing about Texas is that it CAN exist as a nation on its own. It's bigger than many countries already, the economy of Texas is bigger than (I forgot the exact number) the economies of many, many countries. We have one of the 3 main ports in the nation for import/export, we have a great international airport, we manufacture food, energy, weapons, vehicles, all manner of goods and services. We have plenty of farm land and cattle ranches. Texas is self sufficient. Everyone is armed, There's enough crude oil to supply every citizen for the next 300 years or so, etc on and on. I don't know what all it would entail to actually exist as an independent nation so I'm not saying this is what I want to happen. My jury is still out on that. I think this is basically a symbolic move to show the current ridiculous administration how whole-heartedly our current national administration is opposed by people who don't mind working for what they have and who want to remain free and keep living and not be killed by radical Islam on our own soil. This move to secede was spurred by our dimwit prez allowing ISIS to send us a bunch of burly Jihadist soldiers who are ready to die in order to kill us infidels all mixed in with the Syrian citizens. Radical Islamists are not even tricky or quiet about what they are doing. They come right out and say they are going to infiltrate us and kill us on our own soil. And our president says "Yes, please... send the Syrians and the ISIS soldiers to our country. We don't even notice that a bunch of your poor poor refugees are burly soldiers. We didn't see that at all. We would never assume any of you muslims are a part of the small, small fraction of muslims who are radical murdering bastards. We see no danger whatsoever. By all means, exercise your religious beliefs. Here, have some housing, food, education on our dime. We insist."

Even if there were zero crazy murdering assholes in the thousands of Muslims they are sending us (where statistically there has got to be at least 5% radicals in the mix) Even if there were ZERO jihadists in the batch... we would be taking on a huge financial SUCK to our resources. Tax dollars out the wazoo to pay the way for thousands of people who ARE anti-Semitic, America-hating people from a backwards society that treats women like cattle and has no concept of freedom. They don't even recognize our laws as law. They feel ZERO obligation to follow anything other than their own barbaric and backwards law. This is why it's so very stupid to think "common sense gun laws" would stop Jihadists from attacking.

I just saw an article (and it was NOT from the onion, It was NOT a joke) that said if the US would pass some common sense gun laws, the Jihadists would stop attacking. Can you believe that shit? That is THE stupidest thing I've ever heard. If a jihadist is not deterred by their own death, how on earth would ANY law we've got matter at all to them???? I have recently unfriended 2 silly bitches for being stupid and spewing unbelievably unintelligent bleeding heart bullshit about this topic. I cannot take it anymore.

See, this is why I didn't want to get into this topic. LOL. This is what I had on my mind a while back when I kept putting off writing about something.

Changing the topic:

In other news, I am LOVING my Amazon Echo. I use it every single day. All the time. The music feature alone makes it completely worthwhile even if it didn't have tons of other great features. This little echo replaces the need for a stereo system and a music collection. Now my music collection is as vast as Amazon Prime's music collection. Over a million songs! If Amazon doesn't have it, I can ask Alexa to play my Puscifer station on Pandora or iheart radio. It's just seriously awesome. The sound quality is very good and I discovered that I can say "Alexa, play it again" and hear one song over and over if I want. If I'm listening to an album, I can say "Alexa, skip that song" and she immediately goes to the next track. I can ask her for the name of the song and she gives that info and the artist. I can ask Alexa to make it louder or lower the volume. I am thinking of getting the electrical outlets that communicate with her. Then I can say "Alexa, turn on the Christmas tree". I'm having a lot of fun with this.

Even though I know it's obnoxious to brag about money... I really want to just go on a long happy babbling rant about my recent financial/career turn of events, to be honest. I would really like to just blather forth ad nauseam about it all day long. And here's why: I'm a goal oriented girl and when I achieve one of my goals, I just naturally want to start running around, dancing, prancing, and yelling BOOYEAH!! It's just a natural response to the fruition of one of my dreams. I mean, I did it! Ya know? I fookin did it! I believe that SPEAKING my goals puts it out in the Universe and somehow I have become really awesome at MANIFESTING. Read up on the Law of Attraction. I have been using it accidentally for most of my life. On purpose for the past few years.

I usually have a "5 year plan" and when I do set a 5 year plan, I always attain that sucker. It just happens. The universe conspires to help make my goals happen. When I realized it was possible for me to do my whole job from home, I set the 5 year plan to be "working from home". My boss said "No way. Will neverrrr happen." I felt that I would make it happen, even if I had to move to a job with a different company, because the GOAL was to work from home. The company I worked for was only a variable. Within 2 years, it happened. My company was bought by a bigger company and that boss who said NEVER, was fired. The new company believes in remote workers, so my goal was made possible without me finding a new job.

Awhile back, I set the 5 year goal of "Summer home in Colorado". That goal is now possible. I'm not in escrow yet, but I'm shopping. I'm looking. It might take me a few years to set it in motion, but it's going to happen. I am considering all angles and possibilities. I might sell my house here and make a total move for year round living in Colorado. I might buy a cheaper place near my family to stay in during the winter and spend the rest of the year in Colorado. Not sure. I've considered accelerating the pay off of this house and then go into a mortgage for a summer place. I could get $1800 a month rent for this house. I know this is possible because there is a house with the same floor plan as this one that rents for that on my street. I could rent it out and keep it as an asset and money maker while I live in Colorado. Because I discovered that I could afford to buy a place there without even selling this one. The possibilities are many. So I'm going to take my time and figure out the next step.

I went through SO much shit to get to this place. I put up with a lot of stuff, I paid a lot of dues. I sacrificed a LOT. I'm Tenacious AF.

Got that from my Dad.


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