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2015-12-03 - 6:32 p.m.

I've been hired for a consulting position for 2 more hospitals. I will be paid almost as much per facility for supervising as I get at the other (1)place doing all the work myself!

Again, this is the best possible scenario, because I can do this without spending an extreme amount of time on it. I thought I wanted to do all the coding for this one new facility, but that would have been less money and more work than what they've offered me for supervising at these two facilities. So that makes 3 side facilities that will only absorb a small amount of my time and effort in exchange for a seriously good payoff. I feel like I just discovered America or cured cancer or something.

Evidently, God loves me and wants me to be happy.

In other news: I got myself an Amazon Echo. It's so cool. I love love love it. I kind of wish it had Mike Rowe's voice instead of a girly voice, but it's still swell. Since I have an amazon prime account, it knows some things about me, so I can say "Alexa, play me a song" and she knows what I like. It's almost creepy. haha. I can say "Alexa, give me the news" and she launches into a news briefing. She answers all kinds of questions, she can read me a story, (I like to be read to) she can play my Pandora channel. I asked her how to make chicken noodle soup and she told me. I asked her what time is it in other countries and how many miles is it from here to some other places. I can ask her what time it is. I can say "Wikipedia" and then any topic and she will tell me about it. She can answer all kinds of history questions. I can listen to music by any artist. I say "Alexa, play me some Hozier" and she says "Shuffling songs by Hozier". It's the bomb diggity. Me and Kipp Dynamite STILL love technology.

My nephew is a terrible influence on Alexa. There is a feature where you can say "Alexa, Simon says" and then whatever you say, no matter how awful, she will repeat. Nephew makes her say vile things and then he laughs and laughs.

She tells really bad jokes that are not funny.

At all.

Not. Funny.

I love her anyway.

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