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2015-12-02 - 10:42 a.m.

I slept so good last night. For some reason I was unusually sleepy and I went to bed very early (for me). It was like midnight-thirty. I get up at 8:45 so that's a pretty good snooze for a no-sleepin bish like me. I needed it. As I was laying there going to sleep, I hoped I would be less sore today because I'm tired of hurting. I'm still sore, but I think I'm going to survive. I feel better today than I have since the great Turkey Day Tumble.

My injured bro-in-law has "nodules" all in his lungs. He is supposed to go back and get that checked out. I suspect and hope that this is just resin from the tons of pot he has smoked and not cancer. I am going to refocus my attention elsewhere because the thought of him makes me sad, but soon I will focus on that and see if there is anything I can do. (ya know, besides raising his son.) He deserves compassion and he needs some kind of help.

I have another family debacle going on now too. My significant other knows these folks. Mister Man, my embarrassing cousin has had another embarrassing episode. Her kid is 18 now and he got drunk and high and tried to kill her. They are now even. Everybody has to sleep with one eye open around there. (he is going to rehab and will be gone a lonnng time)I feel sorry for my cousin who totally blew it in every way a girl can fail and now has a very depressing life. She needed her parents to instill extra good coping skills and grit in her for the shit that was to come later, but instead she was stunted by never having been required to achieve anything or tolerate employment. She is sorry for being such a lousy mother back in the day and for drinking and drugging when she should have been mothering and nurturing. Everybody is sorry after they've blown it all to hell and back.

I can see that this is a legacy that goes way back. My uncle, whom I love, was a rowdy party animal when he was young. He is the one who spoiled my cousin to the point she can't function, and she became a rowdy party animal who ruined her kid and now that kid is a rowdy party animal who is failing full time and the littlest one in their family saw the whole murder attempt so now he's screwed up too. People who ignore reality and just party it up screw up their own lives and lots of other lives too. It's not fair to the little kids who have to grow up in the aftermath of stupid. They go on to perpetuate it. I wish people would not have kids until they are responsible enough to do the right thing. But if that ever happened, the human species would die out in a generation or two. Because if it weren't for stupid people no one would be reproducing anymore.

Devolution, people.

I'm a little ray of sunshine today, aren't I? I'm not even in a bad mood. I'm enjoying this day, such as it is. Well rested is what I am. Very well rested.

I have work to do and deals to negotiate. My side gig wants more from me and I am supposed to find out what they want later today. It will be mo money, mo money. We shall see if it's something I can give. They want me to do something for 2 more facilities. I wish I had a live in partner who could code. QQ

If I had the partner I anticipated having for this thing I'm doing by myself now, WE would be rolling in the dough like one percenters and neither of us would have to work an 8 hour day for that.



I'm a go-getter. Ya heard?

ADDENDUM: I had the call, I negotiated the deal. I'm the EM EFF'n CAAAAT. That is all. Details tomorrow.

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