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2015-11-30 - 3:01 p.m.

Me and my sternum made it home relatively safely. It hurts to take a deep breath. I'm sore.

My ex bro-in-law, aka "Father of the Year" is also very sore today as he flipped over on a 3 wheeler and spent a couple of days in intensive care. He has 7 broken ribs, a broken shoulder, broken collar bone, concussion, collapsed lung, and various cuts and bruises. He has made terrible life choices and sometimes I want to choke him for the ways he has hurt and will continue to hurt my nephew, but deep down, he is a lovable, pitiful, broken person that I love and feel bad for. He is frail now and it would take such a miracle to save him from himself. Back in the good old days when he was just an alcoholic, his mom paid for him to be on Antabuse and it cleaned him up. He got so healthy and was a new person for a number of months. He eventually went off it (on purpose) and returned to his old ways. I wish there was such a thing for getting someone off IV drugs. I think he recognizes and laments that he has ruined his life, but I don't know if he would choose to be clean even if there was a medication to make it easy. It hurts to watch someone you knew when they were at their best dwindle down to nothing from drug abuse. This is pure torture for his kids and the other people who love him.

I don't understand people who want to be altered all the time. My bro-in-law can't enjoy life at all unless he is high or drunk. I just can't understand it. I think it's fun to be tipsy on rare occasions. I would not like the feeling of being tipsy 2 days in a row even. But my drug of choice is carbs. I'm sure my bro-in-law doesn't understand wanting to eat his weight in dinner rolls either. Different strokes, right?

When I was on vacation the Autumn leaves didn't peak as early as expected and on my weekend trip to my parent's house I saw a lot of pretty Autumn leaves. They are still in full swing there.

I put both my pups in their carriers for naps so I can work this afternoon without having to cater to their whims every 5 minutes. They can be pretty demanding for a couple of guys who don't even come up to my knee.

This day has flown by so fast. I thought it was about noon and it was 3 pm. I only have a fraction of my work done today so far. I always work late on Mondays though.

I was listening to Dr. Laura on Sirius Radio on the way home and sometimes she is downright rude to her callers. She rarely misses a chance to tell women who shack up without being married that they are unpaid whores and they are devaluing themselves. One woman called in to complain that she moved in with her boyfriend and he won't let her decorate or change anything and she said "Of course not. You are an unpaid whore. You are there so he can have the convenience of sex without any of the responsibility. He doesn't want YOU changing HIS house. You're just an unpaid whore." The girl says "So I should move out?" and Dr. Laura said "DUH".

She does say that if you just want a guy for the "humping" and you don't mind being a ho, there's nothing wrong with that. Do that then. But don't delude yourself about what that arrangement is.

If I was a ho, I wouldn't call Dr. Laura unless I liked hearing "You a ho".


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