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2015-11-29 - 3:23 a.m.

Oh... my sternum.

I'm sore from my Turkey Day Tumble. I'm more sore than I was the day after it happened. I've heard the third day is the worst after you get hurt. I'm ready to go home. The dogs are a hassle to walk here because my folks don't have a completely fenced yard so I have to take them out on the leashes and that's how I hurt myself to begin with. I'm not real keen on going out there again and again. It's been raining and the yard is slick on top of being steep. My older dog is a good boy and never does anything bad in the house, but the younger one seems confused about going outside here, so he holds it when we're outside and then goes in the house. Fortunately he keeps doing it in the bathroom and there is a tile floor in there so it is easy to clean up. But my mom is not happy about it and I can tell she is ready to be done with pee patrol. She got hurt in the yard too and today her knee is all swollen up and very sore. She's in no mood for Jax's nonsense.

I had crazy dreams last night in which I was a young girl, 18 or so and I was standing in a line chatting with a guy I liked. I was interested in this guy and was happy to be talking to him when this big bruiser of a guy came up and told the guy I was talking to that he needed to get away from me. The big dude said I was his girl and he was going to kick his ass if he didn't back off.

I have lived that and it felt the same. I dated a mean body builder when I was in high school and he tried to scare off every friend I had, especially the male ones. He threatened to break both arms of a gay friend of mine because he saw us hug one time. The dream had some craziness about an airplane too. It was like I was a member of the crew and we ran out of lunches.

I need to go to sleep. So tired. I'm hungry too, but I don't feel like getting anything. My sternum hurts. I need a gentle massage. I miss my significant other.

By the way, significant other... my mom asked me about you again today. She wonders why you haven't seen my new house yet. Like the first time you disappeared for a few years, I haven't told them anything hurtful or disappointing about you. I let them believe you are busy and that you just fade in and out of my life, because so far, you have done exactly that. I don't want them to feel rejected by you or for them to pity me, God forbid.

It's late. Must sleep, for tomorrow me and my sternum have to drive.

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