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2015-11-08 - 11:53 a.m.

Boy, I did exactly what I said I was going to do. I went to bed and had some weird dreams. I find dreams very interesting, whether they be mine or someone else's.

I think this was 2 separate dreams, because in one dream I was in a huge fancy building. A mansion that was just impossibly large. Some kind of paper work or census type activity was going on and I was being asked questions about myself and my "rank". The census taker or interviewer asked me if I was the Baroness. I said "No. My father is the Baron, I am the Montague."

"I am the Montague."

I googled to see if "Montague" is a thing. haha. Apparently it is not, but it's a British family name and there is a gigantic mansion called "The Montague House".

So that was interesting and in this dream I was identifying myself with a name I don't recognize in my waking life. I'm all about names and nomenclatures lately in my dreams.

My Father, the Baron. heh. He is rather regal, I must say.

The next dream sequence that stands out, I was in a very large hotel, on the ground floor, sitting with my sister's step-son, whom I like very much. We were just sitting in the vast and fancy lobby when I suddenly realized I was about to have "a feminine emergency", let's say. So I had to go find a restroom. There was one nearby and I went to it. It was very fancy, Right after this, it was no longer a family thing, it was a work thing and I knew I had been on the road for work for such a long time I was having trouble remembering when I had last been home. (I bet this is me subconsciously worrying about my side gig trying to turn me into a non-stop travel consultant again.)

I got on the elevator and pushed the button for the 3rd floor. Another lady was on the elevator with me and it was Liza Gibbons who has been on TV a lot. I recognized her, but in the dream she was a co-worker of mine, in the same boat as me. She is smart and business minded. We were chatting on the way up in the elevator and she was saying she has GOT to go home. She was road weary. That's why I was trying to remember when I was last home. We both resolved that we needed to go home before we forgot where we lived. I noticed that the floor buttons in the elevator were in the wrong order and though my room was on the third floor, the third floor was at the very top (symbolism anyone?) I had to ride the elevator through floors 2, 4, 5, 6, and 7 to get to my floor, 3.

I'm the Montague!

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