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2015-11-08 - 2:08 a.m.

I had another dream about an odd name and seeing a name on paper. In this dream, I was watching some children playing. There were about 5 kids around the age of 6 or 7 and I was amused that the kids kept calling this one little girl "friend". It sounded like they were being very kind and gentle with her and I thought how sweet that they refer to her as "friend". Then I saw a sheet of paper with a name written on it. The name was "Frenn". I had misunderstood and thought they were calling her "friend". In the dream I thought to myself that it's a name, Frenn, rhymes with the name Bryn.

I wonder what this means and what has put this idea in my head of seeing people called by names that are not proper given names and seeing names written on paper.

One time I dreamed I was on a road trip with Maynard from Tool and everyone else called him Maynard, but I called him Taryn. I was the only person who called him Taryn. It was my special name for him. I had that dream several years ago. I have a lot of recurring themes like houses, names, and often colors. I sometimes dream that everything is one color. It looks odd to see every item in a room be the same color.

I am sleepy and it's time to go have some weird dreams.

Nighty night Hasenpfeffer.

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