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2015-11-06 - 11:59 a.m.

I woke up from an amusing dream in which - as always - I was in a house with a lot of other people. My true love was on the place but not speaking directly to me (of course). I walked up to the kitchen door and I could see and hear the people in the kitchen but they didn't know I was there. My guy had just finished eating and there was another guy in the kitchen with him. My guy got up and walked away, leaving his plate and mess on the table. The friend said "Aren't you going to get that?" and C said "Nah. I leave that shit for Granny Thurm", referring to the cougar he's currently shacked up with.

I have no idea where my mind got the name "Granny Thurm" hahaha. I know where the granny part came from... she's actually a grandmother and has a son about my ex's age, but THURM? WTF? What does Thurm mean to me?

My dreams are often inexplicably accurate.

I started my day with a good laugh.

Granny Thurm.

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