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2015-11-06 - 12:46 a.m.

Yesterday's shit show has blossomed into an even more spectacular display as I discovered today that the person who was supposed to be doing my work in my absence made a colossal mess of it. The facility kept sending me these emails asking me to check up on all these discrepancies that were preventing any bills from being dropped and when I started checking them out, I found case after case where it was just all kinds of jacked up. I had the pleasure of re-doing the work that I thought I was missing while I was on vacation. Yippee!

My 6 pound chihuahua thinks he is the boss around here and he tried to make me go to bed at 10:30 tonight. He kept doing his bossy bark and walking towards my room and that means he is ready to go night-night. He doesn't like to go by himself, so he attempted to make me go to bed early. I opened the door and he ran straight to my bed. I let him get comfy and then I came back out. He seemed to accept that. I'm surprised he didn't whine. He usually is very tenacious about getting things the way he wants it.

My secondary employer wants to talk to me about something they want me to do for 2 more of their hospitals. I'm a little worried that they will ask me to do some kind of a full time thing for them on the corporate level. I cannot do that. I'm not trying to work 80+ hours a week, though I have done that. When I worked for this bunch before, I got completely burnt out because it snowballed into non-stop travel consulting. That was fun for a long while, but I was unhappy at home and thankful for my travels. Now I live in my dream house and have no desire to be on the road all the time. I don't want to travel for work every week again. I also cannot trust their stability, so I prefer to keep them as a side gig. I really only want to do things that I can do from my home office. I hope they don't get mad and go back on the deal I've got going with them. I don't think they will, but ya never know.

Meh. We shall soon see what they want from me.

I have a dear friend that I've known forever and she lives in poverty of her own making. I've bitched about her before because her total apathy drives me nuts. I talked to her yesterday and tried to cheer her up. She posts a lot of stuff on the book of face that sounds like she is fighting some kind of huge battle with the whole world. She posts a lot of stuff like "I'm too busy loving the people who love me to worry about people who hate me" and "mean people suck" and "don't judge me until you've walked a mile in my shoes" and "Don't mess with me or I'll unleash Hell on you"... ya know. That sort of depressing shlock. I just want to say "Who are these haters who MUST be warned of your terrible wrath?" I don't ever suspect that random people hate me and I don't understand why she apparently thinks people dislike her. Girlfriend needs to relax. When I talked to her today I made a valiant effort not to rag her about laying on her slack ass in poverty when she is capable of absolutely anything if she just would get up and do something. She probably has clinical depression and can't help it or something.

I must snooze now. I waited a tad late to write today.

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