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2015-11-04 - 10:24 p.m.

Today should have been an easy day but instead it was a shit show. My one student who is an idiot just keeps on coming up with little emergencies that she broadcasts to the world via email before she gathers the facts. Like when she reported that nothing had been coded for 6 weeks, even though she was the one who entered the "missing" codes that were totally there, right where she typed 'em in. She had every boss in the food chain from her department manager through the entire chain of command, to God's own robe maker seized up in a collective anal spasm over the fact that nothing had been done for 6 weeks. If it was true that nothing had been coded for 6 weeks, the cash flow would have abruptly stopped 4 weeks ago. Yet no one in the whole place was able to realize the obvious and stop the madness.

But I digress...

I had what should have been a beautiful 2 week break from her dumb ass, because of my one week vacation followed by a second week in which I am covering for my buddy who is on her vacation. So dumb-dumb creates an emergency approximately once a day that requires me to drop whatever I'm doing and focus on her newest baffling conundrum to figure out what happened and fix it for her. Cause I'm her mommy until she graduates from my coding program. All of the emergencies have been ridiculous.

Today I had to spend a lot of time straightening out her silly mistakes and tomorrow she is my full time problem again. Some break I had!!! My boss has gently suggested that we may have to rethink whether or not she actually has the critical thinking skills required to complete the program. My boss is also giving me back the one student she took off my hands so tomorrow I am responsible for 5 hospitals and 3 students. Boo. Hiss.

And I have a bunch of crap to do for my side job tonight. That is why I came in here. I've got a little pile of work to do.

But the good news is my first student has passed the program and if she can pass the test with a 95 or higher, I won't have to review her stuff anymore! (please God) No one has ever wished more fervently for someone else to score well on a test. I need to cut loose a student. I really like her, but I'm sick of overseeing all her work. I need to lighten my load a little.

Welp, these charts are not going to code themselves. I'd better get crackalackin.

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