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2015-11-03 - 3:32 p.m.

I am feeling artistically inspired lately. Unfortunately I am sick of sitting and focusing on work by the end of the day so I don't feel like sitting and focusing on art after hours. It would be ideal if I could work on art instead of charts during the day during my times of inspiration. But this is not how we conquer the world, is it?


The kennel lady told me my two dogs are too little to play outside unsupervised because hawks and owls could scoop them up in their huge talons and carry them off. And then they'll be bird food. I wonder how heavy a critter an owl or hawk can actually carry. I'm going to google that.

Dexter spends no time outside without me, but big fat Jax loves to be outside and he wants me to leave him out there. He begs to go out all day if I try to keep him in and I can't sit out there all day. I let him play for short periods and then I make him come in for a while. I might have to string up a big net out there. I could hang nets across my yard from fence to fence and then water and light can get in but birds of prey are out of luck. I never see hawks or owls. I don't know if this is a valid concern or not. I mean, a tea cup chihuahua I could see being carried off by a bird. But 8.5 pound Jax? I don't know. The lady gave me just enough info to wreck my comfort. ha.

Jax is funny. He is just like a billy goat now and he climbs on everything. He likes to get in my computer chair when I get up and he likes to sit in the rocking chair on the porch. He has decided the floor is for chumps.

I'm not feeling this whole work thing today. I'd like to not read anymore terrible stories today. One woman is close to 500 pounds, can't breathe, can't walk, can't pee by herself, can't wash, can't live. She can chew though. She sure can chew. Bless her heart. I'm not judging. If she could pull herself together and not experience all that I'm sure she would. No one wants that.

Random topic change:

There is a subculture in Houston that believe they are "real vampires". Soooo ridiculous. These are grown-up people, folks. Presumably with normal (low?)average IQs. And yet... no shame factor at all. These aren't Masquerade players, these people say they are actual vampires and the way they explain that they don't turn to ash in the sunlight or live for many centuries in one physical body, is by calling those things "Myths".

Rather than saying "We are nerds who lick tiny amounts of blood off other nerds so we can all pretend to be vampires" they just reinvent the rules of what the mythical creature is supposed to be.

Not embarrassing at all.


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