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2015-10-29 - 3:06 p.m.

It was a good idea to take my week of vacation from Thursday to Thursday. If this was a Monday, things would be rough, but since it's Thursday, it's not such a slammed full day.

I signed in to work today and shortly thereafter a ridiculous debacle broke loose. One of my facilities is full of idiots. From the CEO to the underlings, errbody crazy. I got this frantic string of emails where the CEO, the division boss, the head of case management, my direct boss, the Department head and my styooopid student were all embroiled in this collective panic attack because "none of the accounts are coded". All this came from my student who was not looking in the right spot for codes. ::flat stare:: She alerted God and everybody that she had gone case for case all the way back to September 17th and had found that none of them were coded. A list of cases was compiled and my boss forwarded this to me asking me to investigate. I looked up each case and found absolutely nothing missing. So I replied to ALL and said that the coding was there for every single case on the list and I would like to know where everyone is looking and seeing blank coding fields. Turns out, the genius who alerted everyone was looking in the wrong tab. This is completely nuts, since there's only one place the codes go and she has been entering codes in the right spot for weeks. In fact, she was the one who entered these very codes that were "missing". Yet she didn't know she was looking in the wrong spot. I'm telling you... this one has a screw loose.

I had to call her on the phone and grill her a little to try to help myself understand how she could have missed this. My boss sent me 3 emails that essentially said "How can this be?"

That was my welcome back from vacation. Believe me, I'd much rather have this sort of problem than a real one where I somehow actually missed something. So far, so good. heh

I wonder if my student has had a head injury or something. Seriously. She was coding everyone with a blood clot in the leg because the doctor routinely said that thrombosis prophylaxis was being given. That means preventative meds are being given to keep from getting a clot and she thought it meant every. patient. has. a. clot. Sometimes I realize that she just doesn't understand the words. But she doesn't have the critical thinking to realize that it couldn't possibly be 100% of the patients with that one diagnosis. Or the critical thinking it takes to notice that she enters the codes and should look where she enters codes to see if codes are really missing. She prints out a code list for each case and she didn't think to check her printed code lists before she alerted everyone that the codes were missing. That girl is trying me.

So here is something random: My dad is taking Spanish lessons. I file this under WTF. I don't know why it has become important for him to speak Spanish, but he is all about it. I love my dad. He has always been working on learning something, all of my life. I taught him how to crochet when I was a kid and he went on to make huge elaborate projects. He taught himself how to grow shitake mushrooms one time. That was pretty neat. I would like to do that myself. You have to get some logs, drill holes, place the mushroom spores or something in the holes, and put a little wax in the hole, if I remember correctly. You wet down the logs, put a tarp over it, and wait. Eventually, you have shitake mushrooms growing out all the holes. It's very cool.

I feel pretty good. I've had barely a carb or much salt since I got home and I've had 2 nights in my ever so comfy bed. All is right with the world again.

I am a lucky girl. Mostly.


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