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2015-10-28 - 12:09 p.m.

Ahhhhhh... Home Sweet Home. My house still smells new. I can smell that when I walk in after being gone a few days.

Me and the nephew made it home by around 3:30 am. He drove the last 5 hours of the trip while I actually dozed off a time or two. I'm not usually one for sleeping in a moving vehicle. We were exhausted, but I'm glad we drove it in one shot rather than stopping over at mom's. I was so ready to be back home and I want to go spring my boys from doggy jail today. I'm going to go get them after I finish this entry. I might go to the grocery store first. The day is young, but I am excited to see my puppies.

I slept so good in my own comfy bed and now I feel much better than I have for the last couple of days. I tried to keep my diet as close to normal as possible during this trip by eating salad bar and clean proteins, but I had way too many carbs and I feel each and every one of them. We did eat at a BBQ place one night and it was a carb-o-rama. I avoided outright sugar, except for that which was in the BBQ sauce, but I feel like I had way too much carbs and salt, overall.

We went to a German place that had Wurst, brotchen, pommes frites, and spaghetti ice. They do the whole German process for making the pommes frites and these were about as close as you can get to the genuine article without having the German grown potatoes. They even serve them in a paper cone like you get in Germany. The brotchen was not right, but it was tasty. It was more like ciabatta rolls than brotchen. Brotchen is softer and more chewy. I could eat my weight in real German brotchen. Spaghetti ice is vanilla ice cream squeezed through a spaghetti press type appliance so it looks like a plate of noodles. Then they put on strawberry topping. This restaurant adds a couple of Fererro Rocher candies for the meatballs and grated white chocolate for the Parmesan cheese. I didn't eat any of that, but it was fun to see it. I had a bite from my niece's spaghetti ice. They give you such a tremendously huge amount of pommes frites, we could have all shared a couple of smalls and been fine.

There is a ton of stuff to do there, and "Ripley's Believe it or not" has that whole town wrapped up. There are several different types of Ripley's museums there. We went to one. There was the regular Ripley's museum, and then they also had a haunted house, an aquarium, and a bunch of other stuff. There was mini golf, helicopter rides, bungee jumping, indoor sky-diving, rock walls, rides, a pancake house on every corner, and huge theme park, all kinds of touristy things. We went to a huge factory outlet mall. The leaves got really colorful while we were there. We could almost see them changing before our eyes.

I have some work to do for my side job today, but no patients went home over the weekend so I'm not even behind on their stuff. I had coverage for my main job, but I've got to cover for my buddy over the next week while she is on her vacation so I'm sure there will be lots of hell for me to slog through.

I have many things to do today and 2 little dogs who are going to be out of their minds with glee when they find out that I came back and haven't given them away like they both suspected.

I'm happy to be home!


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