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2015-10-12 - 4:59 p.m.

I'm so gleefully happy right now!! I have pulled off a feat of hard core computer guy proportions. I have somehow managed to weasel my way inside some work software to eliminate some flipping annoying settings that were put in place apparently to slow us down and make us crazy. My big hairy computer guy would be proud of my mildly evil computer prowess.

I tried going through the proper channels and asking to have these features turned off that don't apply to the job I'm doing and was told that it has to be this way... for no reasons that can actually be conveyed through speech or written words. They tried to make it look like it wasn't our company's choice, but I knew it was merely a setting that *someone* is choosing to keep enabled because they don't give a rat's ass that it's creating delays and extra steps for those of us who have to deal with it a hundred times a day. Plus, I know it's a setting because the facilities we bought don't have these problems. So... I found out how they were able to turn off those settings and managed to get mine turned off. I didn't think my company PC would allow the new settings to be saved, because the IT department very cleverly fixed our work computers so we cannot add things, take things away, update a driver, or even so much as reset the time zone and calendar!

This was done with the blessing of New Boss who recognizes asinine nonsense when she sees it.

So yay.

I have another YAY to report, but it comes with a bit of a BOO. Here's what: I took my sweet boy, my 6 year old chihuahua to the vet for his dental cleaning and 6 month comprehensive check up and everything was good with him except the vet heard an extra heart sound. She says he has a heart murmur and this may possibly signal the beginning of heart disease. It may just signal that he was very stressed out yesterday due to being at the vet which is not his favorite way to spend a few hours. He's not fat, his coat is shiny, he's active and hungry and great... but she said if he ever starts coughing, repeatedly or if I notice him just coughing over and over, bring him back in, ASAP.

So this morning, he woke me up hacking and coughing, over and over. He could have inhaled a blanket fuzz, I suppose. But of course I called the vet. The vet had said yesterday that she felt that this murmur was not a serious issue (yet) and we could safely wait about heart X-rays and such until January when I can upgrade his plan to one that covers X-rays. (Yes. My dog has health insurance. And it's better than Obamacare.) But then the very next day he starts the dreaded symptom that she warned me about. He stopped coughing after about 10 minutes and has been a happy, perky energetic eater all day. He doesn't seem to be having any problems. I couldn't get his doctor because they sent her to a different clinic today, but she will be back tomorrow. Since he is not in distress, I'm going to wait until tomorrow and if he coughs a lot again tomorrow morning, I'll take him back to see her.

I called my parents and got prayer for my dog. haha. Hey... that is what you do when you are raised Baptist. I think my boy is ok, but I'm going to stop giving him the kind of people food that is too fatty, salty, carb-y for dogs. There are other things that he really likes that he can eat for treats. Like apples. He loves bites of apple. That's better for him than a piece of fat or cheese. I will have to still give him a little cheese every now and then because he loves it more than anything. You can't even think about cheese without him assuming the begging position. When taking pictures, we never tell anyone to "say cheese" if Dexter is within earshot. One cannot casually toss around words of such magnitude. It's strictly put up or shut up around here.

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