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2015-10-10 - 4:06 p.m.

On the 2nd of October, I was standing in the entry way of the DMV with my "Take a Number" paper in my hand. It said "24". As I looked for an empty seat, I heard someone over the loudspeaker call out the next number in line: "Number zero". I kid you not. I thought I was going to be there all day.

I spotted a seat and there was an obstacle in the form of a big beefy redneck who was sitting on the floor, totally blocking the way. I was contemplating stepping over his leg when he said "Here, let me move. I'm sorry... I'm blocking the whole walkway. My bad. Come on. Here's a seat for you. Right by me. Sit right here. Here you go. Have a seat." So I said "Thanks" and sat down. Then he proceeded to talk to me non-stop. "Whatcha doin? Have you got an iphone or a droid? Is that a game? What do you play? Is that Clash of Clans? I play that. What else do you play? Howja like this weather? Pert nice, ain't it? They are only on number 2. What's your number? Hot dog! You're gonna be here about twice as long as me. Hey, wake up. Don't fall asleep now. I know it's dull in this DMV. You live around here?" etc. etc. etc.

Down the row of seats, I saw a guy who appeared to be a body builder type guy, real laid back, exuding confidence. He had a younger guy with him, probably a younger brother or cousin I would assume. This kid was very thin, not muscular at all, had on glasses that made his eyes look as big as the lenses, and the entire time I could see him, he had this giant grin on his face. Every tooth in his head on display at all times. He kept talking to the big guy and pointing things out to him. He obviously just adored this guy and wanted to keep the interaction going. The big guy was very patient and indulging. People are interesting.

Then I heard this very odd babyish voice, ultra high, ultra loud, apparently conducting some kind of business that would have been better done in private (sounded like customer service or banking). I turned to look and this was a grown ass woman speaking in this minnie mouse on crack voice. I am amazed sometimes at the way some people present themselves in the world. It destroys your credibility to speak like a baby when you're a grown up. People do not take that sort of woman seriously. It puts across the message of "brainless bimbo". It is my personal opinion that there is a tinge of mental instability that goes with that presentation, because I've noticed, without fail that those sweety-pie, honey bun, babyish bishes go buck wild when they have a melt down. They are usually unstable in other ways as well. I had a sister in law like that and I've got a crazy aunt who baby talks and presents like a 5 year old and she's post menopausal.

My poor uncle yoked himself to that (when she was still cute) and now he feels obligated and can't escape the worlds worst decision. She has gotten way worse with age and he doesn't think she could live without him to do everything for her. He married a cutesy pie with no brain. Now she is an elderly mentally ill person who is a black hole of need and a ceaseless burden. It's very depressing. The sister in law is a complete nut as well, and she has been married and divorced 4 times. Cause that cutesy shit gets old. haha

I decided to take a little break from work and now it's about time for me to get back to work and finish up if possible. I'm trying to get every little thing done this weekend so I can start off ahead for the new week. I have had to redo a lot of work lost in the debacle of an upgrade, but with the help of my buddy and my boss, I'm almost caught up now. I feel so much better now. I am a person who never asks for help. I finally had to do just that and it worked out very well for me. The boss had me loaded down beyond what one superhuman person could possibly do, so I was jumping through my butt trying to get it all taken care of and finally had to concede that it was too much. I do my side job after hours, so I spent some very late nights doing that. I have a bunch of stuff to do for them, tomorrow.

Thoughts best left unsaid:

I wish a thing, I hope a thing, yada yada... can't say, won't say... blah blah. The end.


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