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2015-10-07 - 7:16 p.m.

Today I was a guest speaker at a meeting of doctors. I told them how it's going to be.

I introduced myself and identified the role I will play in their future endeavors with this new facility that has just opened. I gave a brief overview of the new coding system, went over new requirements in their documentation, gave a bit of a heads up as to what will be expected of them, and I gave them some helpful resources that they can use to access answers when they need them. It went well.

I suffered a few more setbacks with an internet outage today and then a website I have to use for each and every case has a server down and I cannot access it at all, therefore I'm done working until they get it running again. It seems almost like I'm being punked. I am going out to dinner tonight, as soon as the nephew gets home because I can't work and I might as well take advantage of the unforeseen break.

I'm thinking of the Erythemic Crustacean. Many sea creatures may have to die so that I may enjoy my dinner. He should be here within 4 minutes.

I might just roll out and make him meet me there. I'm not in a mood to wait around while he visits for 10 more minutes and then leisurely begins the drive from wherever he's at. Yes. That's the ticket.

Nighty night Hasenpfeffer...

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