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2015-10-05 - 1:30 p.m.

SNAFU is a military term that means: Situation Normal, All Fucked Up

This rather perfectly sums up the transition from the old coding system to the new. Our patient accounting software was supposedly ready but guess what? Not so much. As all of the little worker bees were diligently keying in the codes and converting to the new code set for our many numerous facilities, the software was deleting codes. Like, all the codes. When you click the button to enter the new codes, it wipes the slate clean. Which is super awesome, because now you have to go back and read the entire novel/record again and code it all from scratch.

The silver lining on this very dark cloud is that every single one of us is in the same shitty boat, so no one is in trouble. That is important when you work for a large corporation, because they are all about identifying the culprit who dropped the ball. When that useless pressure is removed, it's much easier to get stuff accomplished.

Another software application that I have to use on each and every account had a simple little fix that had to be done in the IE settings before the new format is displayed on the screen. They should have sent out a warning and instructions on that little step so we would not all have to panic and call tech support to get access to the new format, but where is the fun in that? Why tell people the easy fix when you can let an entire country freak out for a few days?

Very luckily for me, I took off during the worst time of the whole decade that I could have possibly taken off and it is a miracle I was allowed to do that. While I was gone, this whole mess came down and all my co-workers have been in Hell since last Thursday while I was celebrating my birthday and having a nice family weekend. I had the privilege of joining Hell a few days after everyone else and some of the bugs have been worked out without me. This is a sign that God loves me and wants me to be happy. Since everyone else was busy accidentally deleting all their codes, they are all re-doing their work while I missed that step of deleting my work and having to re-do it all. This gives me a chance to get up to speed and straighten out things at my side gig. Hopefully, the techies will get a fix that prevents my previous work from ever being deleted.

My boss apparently thinks I am wonder woman and she's got me loaded down with too many responsibilities. I now have 3 students, 4 hospitals, and one outpatient practice that I am solely responsible for. (on one of my jobs) I'm going to have to find a way to spend way less time on reviewing my student's work. I try to explain it all in such a way that they understand why we do it the way we do it. This has served us well for my first student. She codes just like I do now and it makes me proud to review her stuff and see exactly the codes I would have chosen in the order I would have put them. Now that I have 3 students, I won't have time to get to everything if I give them all the top shelf service the first one got.

I have multiple charts from each of my 3 students to review, plus end of month closing for 4 hospitals, and all my usual Monday stuff to do and it's almost 3 pm. Think I'll get some overtime? I'll be lucky to do anything other than work and sleep for the next foreseeable future. In 3 weeks I'll be on vacation.

My newest student is rapid firing emails at me even as I type this. I'd better go kill her. I mean help her.



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