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2015-10-04 - 1:47 a.m.

I spent today at a Celtic Fest. Ironically, I kept seeing the last name I gave up just yesterday... everywhere I went. It was on family crest posters, name cards, keychains, etc. I got my daughter a keychain with her family crest on it, since that's her family crest by blood.

I saw my twin flame's family crest - a Boar's head with a sword through it. Warriors, apparently. I also saw the last name of my very first boyfriend ever and realized that Irish is apparently my flavah.

My family name is thought to be a Welsh name with Old Norse origins. Kind of cool, since I have an interest in the Vikings. Many families of this name settled into Ireland. I want to go to Ireland. Maybe 2017. I already know how I'm spending my vacation in '16.

Tomorrow I have to go home and try to handle up on the nightmare that will be my work life for the next while. I have emails from my side job needing help already. I know my main job will have lots of problems for me to solve when I get back. I get a little pain in my temple when I think about it. I'm getting 2 massages this upcoming week. I booked one and then I got a special deal for customer appreciation and rather than cancel one, I'm keeping both. I'm going to need them I'm sure. This week promises to be stressful and I'm starting it behind already.

I must snooze. This Irish lass is worn to a frazzle.

Nighty night, Hasenpfeffer.


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