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2015-10-02 - 5:10 p.m.

I went to the DMV today and successfully renewed my driver's license!! On top of that, I took back my maiden name. So I have a new old name today. I feel SO good about this!! Who knew taking back my old name would feel so good? Some women who get divorced can't wait to shuck the bastard's name and return to the one they were born with. I didn't feel any of that. For one thing, I had a cool last name. I really liked it. It might be a little hard for me to stop thinking of myself with that very, very Irish name. My maiden name is pretty cool as well, and I bought my house in this name, I do my taxes in this name, and on my FB I go by the maiden name. Now I just have to do a name change at work and at the bank, I guess.

This fixes some other problems I had. I got married in Germany and can't prove I was ever married. I do have an American divorce decree somewhere, but since I lost all my important papers I will have to purchase a copy from the courthouse where I was divorced in order to prove I was ever divorced. At the DMV today I told the clerk I can barely prove I exist, so let's not be complicated with it. She graciously renewed my license and didn't even make me do the vision test. I was sweating that vision test! I just feel SO GREAT ABOUT EVERYTHING!!!!

I have re-applied for a new social security card with my married name on it about 3 times and for some reason, it never comes to me. I'm supposed to receive it in the mail and all 3 times it just didn't happen. You can't get a human being on the phone. No one can help. I've been having this problem for about 7 years. Now, magically, it is fixed, because the problem was my identity didn't match up with my social security card and I couldn't obtain the documentation to prove I was ever married. Shit, maybe I wasn't.

Aaaaanyways... I'm me again.

You have to go through so much red tape to get anything done. If I was an immigrant, I would be tempted to just sneak in too. Less complicated.

Everyone is here! I must go party down.


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