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2015-10-01 - 11:32 a.m.

Hey Shawty, it's my birfday.
We gonna party like it's my birfday
May or may not drink Bacardi like it's my birfday...

Ok... quick birthday greeting.

Here's my ex: God, I miss her so much. I sure hope she has the best birthday everrrr. Wish I could be there to share this special day this year and every year. ::sigh:: She doesn't get older, she only gets better.

Awww... so sweet. It's ok honey. Someday we shall meet again. Don't be sad. Cheer up, bright eyes. I'll wave when I pass by your church today on my way to see the FAM. I'll give them your regards.

I just finished going through my birthday greetings on the book of face. SWEET. I got one from a guy who fell in love with me when he was 7 and I was a teenager. He said "Happy birthday to my first crush." That made me feel good. My birthday wishes really mattered to me more today than usual. Maybe I'm growing extra feelers or something. I mean, it's always nice, but today it was touching.

The weather is beautiful, I woke up to calls, text messages, and a professionally produced birthday song, written and recorded for me by my sister. It was awesome and made mention of what my birth did to our mother's taint. After some phone calls and going through my FB messages to thank everyone, I am totally behind schedule for my road trip.

As a person who is a student of Astrology, the solar return is important to me and I feel a certain amount of pressure to have a happy birthday, since it sets the tone for your upcoming year. And today has been all happy so far! I feel mostly loved, happy, healthy, free, secure, and lucky. I'm not working on the first day of the fiscal year and the first day of the new coding system implementation that is currently vexing all my colleagues. I already put in 40 hours this week and it's only Thursday! All my work is done for the moment and I'm about to be OFF like a prom dress.

I initialized my 90 day free trial of Sirius Radio and I plan to listen to it all the way to my folks' house. I'm spending a long weekend with the family.

I'd better get going.

Late late late!!


I have to go shower and hit the road!!

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