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2015-09-24 - 11:40 a.m.

I'm so far behind I'm almost ahead.

I have had a helluva time getting the full access I need to get my part of the job done at this one facility. I think the lady who was appointed to dole out the access at that site is a little bit enamored of her new authoritah. I had to tell her that I *must* have full access in order for them to GET PAID going forward and that of all the many countless sites we have, hers is the ONLY one that has had any hesitation about granting me the full access I have to have in order to enter codes. She caved and gave me the coveted privilege of being able to do my job. She was being all Secret Squirrel with it. There is no field more sacred on the whole thing than the code fields. It makes no sense to try to limit my access. Nipplehead.

::sigh:: PEOPLE.

So now I haven't been able to enter codes at that site since last Friday and I have a mountain of ketchup to do. Or a mountain of catch-up work to do. One of those two things.

I have 2 students and one of them is eating up my life with questions and neediness. I like her though. I get a third student next week. Cue up the confetti. I thought the student part would be easier but it actually slows me down because I have to craft these intelligent answers that teach the student how to handle all these different scenarios that can occur. I am making professionals here! I have to lead them correctly. My buddy told me her student is an idiot. This is going to be interesting. One of my students is pregnant, so I'll be doing her work or training yet another student when she goes for maternity leave. My buddy's student is hating it and will probably quit in the near future and she will be starting over with a new idiot. We were discussing this in our recent conference call I said "It's ok. It sounds like job security to me."

Luckily, there has been so much Mercury Retro and so much technical FUBAR that everyone is behind and I can probably catch up quite nicely before anyone realizes I have a mess going on. LOL. I'm going to fix it all this very day. It's do-able. I have to be all good before I take off for my birthday trip. I'm going to see my family.

I had a nice dinner out with my nephew and told him that he is a good kid and I'm proud of him. I know he will be ok in his life. He is enough like me to avoid his father's fate, I think. I believe. He only had a slim chance of not being an addict since he has 2 parents with addictive personalities. But, if he were an alcoholic, he would have shown it by now and he is just like me on that. I don't care at all about alcohol. Nephew told me he is also proud of me and was bragging to his friends about me. One of them wanted to know if I'm single. HA. Not for super young guys looking for a sugar mama!

I think my success is giving the boy a serious boost in his career interest. He said he is tempted to learn my job for himself, but I don't think he would like it. I don't think he can be at a desk all day.

I dreamed that my sister was leaving her husband and in the dream I referred to it like this: "She took the last train to Nopesville." This makes me laugh.

I guess I dreamed that because I question her happiness with my bro-in-law. I don't so much see what she sees in him. Plus, she makes a ton of money and he is two-fisted spending it up like he won the lottery or something. He is fulfilling every single one of his dreams on her money and putting it all in her name because she has good credit. Meanwhile, if she wants to buy anything whatsoever he has a reason why it's not a good idea. She drives an old beater that his son rejected. She gets the old phone that he is done with. She never gets to be the one with the new technology. She takes the leftovers always while he enjoys the best of everything on her dime. She claims to be blissfully happy. But hey... whatever makes her boat float. Ya know? It's her life.

The good thing that has come of this is that she decided with his newest major purchase for himself that she now feels she has a full right to go on trips with me and we are planning our next trip to Colorado. Next summer we're gonna tear it up. So yay! Carry on, Spendy Chap, carry on..

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