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2015-09-07 - 10:33 p.m.

I took "Pearl" over to the dealership to get her detailed today. My deal finished up after hours so I had to bring her back for the free detail service they give new cars they sell. While I was waiting, I read through the booklet for Sorentos and it's a little mind boggling reading up on all the features it has. I also discovered a few things I didn't know about while driving it around. It warns you if you start to travel out of your lane, it reminds the driver if the turn signal is left on. It senses the cars around it, and the curb when you park, and it has a thing that finds your car for you if you forget where you parked. This will come in handy I'm sure. This car almost drives itself. There are air bags all the way around the vehicle to protect all the riders. Heated steering wheel, and there is an app to download that will allow me to do things to my car from my phone.

I'll shut up about it now. Everyone should have the chance to buy a car that is absolutely top of the line with every single available feature on it at least once in their life. I've got the absolute best vehicle the dealership had. There's no feature left to wish I had gotten. I got it ALL. By the time I trade up again, these Sorentos will probably be able to drive themselves. heh

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