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2015-09-06 - 8:14 p.m.

My New Ride

I took the new car out for a ride today and figured out how to use some of the features. It has voice recognition, I can just say things and have it do stuff. I like that there is a thing on the navigation system that tells what the speed limit is on the road you're on. I do a lot of little road trips and often lose track of what the speed limit is. I can control all the radio, phone, media, navigation, etc with voice commands. It's really an awesome vehicle. I'm very happy with my purchase.

It is wonderful beyond words to be able to just go get what you want instead of having to be thrifty. It's worth the work and the sweat and the hard times to lay a foundation for living the life you want to live. I hope my nephew is realizing that and gets motivation to do his best at his studies this time. He said "I'm going to be able to just go out and buy a fancy car someday soon. Well not "soon" but you know what I mean." I told him he can write his own ticket. He can make it however he wants it to be, because he has the smarts and the opportunity to train for a high paying job right now.

I told my mom all about the new car and she is ready to go shopping. She's so funny. My folks will buy a new one in the next few months. They liked my Sorento so much when I got my first one, that they went and got one too. They got the exact same color inside and out, as mine. I wonder if they will get a white one this time like I did. I will laugh my ass off if they do. When I told them about all the extra features, my dad said "Uh oh. I know what mom is going to want." I don't care at all if they get the very same model.

Personal note: Remember when I bought my silver bullet and you asked me WHO just goes to a dealership and buys a brand new car in their own name? I was thinking about that while I was buying this new one.

It's important to have a good warranty, especially with a fancy car with loads of computer features. You can't get a warranty like this buying a used car. If anything whatsoever goes wrong, even if I am guilty of abusing the car, this warranty will pay for it for 100,000 miles or 10 years! And with me working at home, 10 years will come around before 100,000 miles does. The truth is, I didn't really need this warranty, because the one that comes with it goes 60K miles, but it excludes coverage for things the driver messes up through incorrect use. I got the price down so low it was worth it to just have that extra assurance that I won't be paying for repairs, ever. It even covers a rental for times when my car is in the shop. Can't beat it. I may trade my car in again at 60K miles. Probably will. But I won't be paying for any repairs, no matter what. To me, that is worth a little money. I may keep it longer. Who knows. I may not be working at home anymore by then, but that's very doubtful since I adore working from home. If I do sell it, the resale value should be better due to the very low amount of miles I'll put on it now that I'm not commuting for work.

Good grief, it's 9 pm and I haven't eaten any dinner. Gotta scrounge!


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