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2015-09-04 - 4:56 p.m.

Slipknot and Lamb of God are playing the pavilion tonight. Can't concert today. Don't make me concert.

When a wealthy guy tells a girl to pick out a hospital for him to buy so she can have a cushy job in a place she wants to live in... that is a pimp move that not very many men can back up. Just saying. Homey got game.

It's not getting him one slim millimeter closer to making me want to be his "Houston Honey", but it is an impressive gesture and it makes a nice story to tell the grandchildren I'm never ever going to have.

I'm not interested in him romantically but I do like him as a person and I am glad that he sort of pursues me because it feels good to have someone try to impress me like that. Everyone likes that sort of thing, don't they? It's flattering.

Here I have before me a long weekend. I could go see my family, but my mom's house is being remodeled and I don't want to go while that is going on. I don't want to drop a wad of money on hotel bills, so I'm thinking I may just stick around home. This would be a good weekend to hit up Austin, Texas and help them keep it weird. Except it's hot. I keep hearing that we are going to have some big rain and it keeps not happening. It's been hot and humid here today and overcast as Hell, but all we've gotten was one quick shower. Maybe it will rain a gully washer and cool down a little. That would be nice.

Randomly, I must tell this tale: I know a girl who spent her youth having an affair with a man 20 years her senior. He wouldn't leave his wife and she stuck around and waited for the woman to die of old age. Finally, the old gal kicked it and that wonderful prize of a man promptly dumped the side piece so he could find a second wife who was not a scandalous whore. She nearly lost her mind with grief.

When she finally got over it, she met up with a deranged, violent criminal who was up on charges for a number of crimes. He was out on bail but during his time out, he beat her dumb ass like she was a man and she called the cops to prevent dying under his poundy, poundy fists. He went up the river on the "3 strikes you're out" law and his sentence was a ridiculous 356 years in the big house. So for the past couple of years she has been waiting and yearning, loving and supporting, sending money, writing letters, helping him get an appeal, and being faithful to him. He got an appeal and because the system is badly broken, he was set free. How anyone with half a brain let him out is beyond me. He is a filthy animal and doesn't deserve to be free. Before they let him walk, there was a waiting period for whatever red tape reason, and during this time my idiot of a childhood friend was eagerly planning her wedding to this shining example of manhood. She was announcing their wedding date and all this embarrassing crap all over the place. But in his mind you see, it's like his old, old wife has just died of old age.

So guess what he did?

He dumped the one who has been sending him the money and taking care of all his business while he's been in jail. I guess he needs to find him a woman who is not a scandalous whore. Or maybe one that doesn't look like she's been punched in the face a lot.

Now she is posting lots of pitiful memes about how she thought he loved her. How he fooled her. How he ripped out her heart. She is surprised that the janky, criminal minded, pathological liar, jailbird, cowardly woman beating jackass let her down. She expected more from this filthy animal who has beat her a bunch of times.

I must admit, I understand her pain all too well, even though I think she is a complete moron to expect any other outcome than the one she got from that mentally ill, depraved, law-breaking, woman beating, no conscience having jackass.

She has gotten the very same result from 2 different guys.

Being healthy means being able to love even when you've been hurt. Being able to survive it if someone lets you down egregiously. But you have to use your noggin a little and not select a mentally ill criminal.

Things to ponder...

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