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2015-09-03 - 11:29 a.m.

I had a seemingly nonsensical dream the night before last, but I finally figured out what it was about. I dreamed that I had a baby and was still in the hospital, having just given birth within the last day or so. I was at the nursery, looking through the window at the baby in the little baby bassinet and my baby was a slice of pie. She was literally a triangle shaped slice of cherry pie with a lovely golden brown crust.

That was the whole dream. I was so proud of my little slice of pie.

So this dream was on my mind all day yesterday. I just kept rolling it over in my mind, wondering what the heck would put such a crazy thought in my head. I knew if I kept thinking about it, I would eventually figure it out.

Finally, it hit me. I have these 2 friends who are married and they have produced one of the absolute cutest babies I've ever seen in my life. Their baby girl is just so adorable. A couple of days ago the mom posted a gallery of pies and she wrote as a comment "We should make pies". And there you have it. I was thinking of this cute baby... and pies.. and my brain made this dream.

In other news, I got a message from a wealthy man who used to be my boss. He periodically offers me a job in a distant city or a close one. Last time, he offered me one on the other side of Texas, far, far away from my home. I asked him "Will I get an obscenely huge salary?" He said "Of course!" But then he said that as a bonus he would be able to chase me around the desk. I'm not trying to get chased around a desk or move across Texas.

Today, he is talking about buying a hospital locally and he wanted my input on the place. I didn't have any good insider info on it, but I did suggest that he buy a nice hospital in Colorado, because I would move there! In answer to that he said "Find me one!" I might go hospital shopping online!

He likes to flirt with me, but he is respectful enough that I can easily shut him down. He's harmless. He was a nice boss to have. Generous, funny, smart, and easy going. If I worked for him again, I would be paid a whole lot. A damn lot. But now I value my ability to work from home as much as I value money so I don't even know how ridiculous a salary would have to be to get me to change jobs. He probably wouldn't be able to justify to the board the kind of salary it would take to lure me. It's nice to think about though and it is definitely nice to have a net to fall back on if I ever need it or want to move and change what I'm doing. I'm sure he would chase me around the desk if I allowed it, but he always stops wherever I put the boundary.

Life is interesting.

Interesting update... I just got an invitation to go out to dinner with the very rascal I talked about above. Turns out, he's in town and wants to buy me dinner. He is seriously looking at a local hospital for possible purchase. I had to politely decline the dinner invitation, since I've already got dinner plans with my friend. He's good dinner company. I told him maybe next time.

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