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2015-08-28 - 4:22 p.m.

I took a long lunch and got a massage today. Oh muh goodness, I have the best massage therapist EVARRRR. She's an older lady, and she is a sturdy, strong lady with a lot of experience in massage therapy. She got my worst trigger point to come out today. I feel like a new person. I'm going back in a week. It was so wonderful today that near the end of my session I said "Please don't ever retire, or quit, or move, or get hit by a truck". She laughed and said that was kind of a lot of pressure. haha.

I had a shocking dream last night. It makes no sense why I would dream this and it's a little embarrassing, but I dreamed that I was in the home of a famous gay home designer and his partner. I watch their show and I somehow missed it last time, so maybe that put them in my mind, but I dreamed they were having sort of funny banter back and forth about which of them have the bigger dick. I was looking at Gage talking and laughing and when I looked back at Jeff, he was sitting up in bed with a sheet pulled up, but I could see the whole outline of his junk and it was huge. (and erect) It looked like a shrink wrapped baseball bat with the sheet all tucked around it. I couldn't believe my eyes, because no one on earth is packing something that huge. Everyone was laughing and no one was embarrassed. It was all very mundane as if we were comparing apples or something. And then I woke up and said "What's wrong with me???" hahaha

Not a shred of that dream has faded. I'm traumatized.

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