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2015-08-23 - 1:34 p.m.

Ok! The rock painting has commenced. Here is the first one I did. I intended to fill up all the space on the rocks with these intricate designs, but I think I like this one as is. I'm thinking of placing a few of these among the river rocks that line my walkway. I need to get some sealer to spray on the painted rocks so they will hold up outside.

Yesterday I went to The Woodlands with a friend of mine and we had lunch and then a day of shopping. I bought 4 bottles of wine and a cast iron tea pot of spiffiness. I'm all set for drinky stuff. The teapot is awesome. (I'll add a pic) It spoke to me, right there in the World Market store. I love that place and my friend had never been there! Now she is a fan too. She asked me if I want to go to Las Vegas with her in a couple of months, but she is going right after my vacation so I seriously doubt I'll be able to make that trip. She works for the same company as me but her job is different and it involves an extreme amount of travel. We get together when she is in town. She is in the exact same situation as me. Same degree, same credentials, single, financially secure, etc. A good friend to have! She has all the same freedoms and can do things. Recently I was lamenting that the friends I grew up with missed the boat somehow and are a bunch of broke-ass heifers. That makes it hard to get up a girls trip to go someplace fun when the other girls can't pay their own way. I've picked up the tab a lot. Now I've got a few like-minded friends who are able to do some things. I've been getting out more here lately.

Yesterday, The Woodlands was over-crowded with people due to a Def Leppard concert that was going down. There were masses of post-menopausal groupies trudging towards the Pavilion like a sweaty, tattooed trail of tears.

I've not heard a peep out of the nephew. Today is his birthday. I kind of expected him to come home tonight, but it's likely he will wait since it's his birthday. He will probably make the rounds to his grandparents houses to collect gifts and steak dinners before he comes home. He said he was going to enroll in school and pay his fees over the computer, but I won't be too shocked if he comes home and hasn't made the preparations for school. If he hasn't enrolled, he may be able to get in during a late enrollment grace period, but he won't be able to make his schedule ideal if he has waited past the last minute. Good decisions are not his forte, so this is a pretty likely scenario. If he has messed around and missed his chance to enroll, I'm thinking I will most likely set that little bird free.

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