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2015-08-21 - 3:19 p.m.

I have not wanted to work today. I mean... sometimes I say I don't feel like working, but today I mean that shit. It's almost over. I am going to clock out on time today. I feel inspired about my rock painting project and if it goes well I might post pictures at some point in the near future. I have an idea in my head and we shall see if I can bring it to life. I bet I can. I'm crafty and swift like that.

I need to go grocery shopping. The plague of locusts blew through and left my fields decimated. My uncle bought the pizza on birthday party night and we all went out to dinner one night, but boy these folks can go through some eggs and bacon! Dinner yetis one and all. Would the plural of Yeti be Yetii? Then they are Dinner Yetii.

I love to have them come visit, regardless of how they ravage my fridge. I would welcome a certain ham demon I know, as well. I had too many carbs during that visit and I am still trying to normalize. I feel better today. They will be back in a couple of weeks. The nephew will be here, probably by Sunday night, I would guess.

I didn't get much done today because we were not supposed to use our most important software due to yet another upgrade and now they have hit a snag with that and the roll out will be delayed by 2 or 3 weeks. I bet it will inconveniently coincide with the roll out of the ICD 10 coding system which is going to be a colossal fuster cluck, if I had to guess. It is going to slow us all down considerably until we get used to it. It's the same rules, but vastly different codes. So if you know how to look up correct codes now, you'll be able to do it later using the same rules, but it will just take longer for a while. I code mostly out of my head, it's all in there. But soon, I will be like a rookie, looking everything up the hard way. I might get really grouchy come October first.

The shopping must commence, so for now I shall go.


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