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2015-08-20 - 12:56 p.m.

My nephew has a friend who is super talented at guitar playing and singing. He comes to our family functions sometimes and plays music for us. He's rather shy, but he will get up there and perform unabashedly. While he is singing, he looks like he cannot believe he is singing. He keeps a surprised look on his face the whole time. One night he sang "Yellow Ledbetter" by Pearl Jam with these funny lyrics. Good times.

The nephew has become really good with guitar playing too. I'll soon be hearing mini concerts breaking out around the house. I like to hear him play.

I was disappointed yesterday when weather reports were wrong and I got ZERO rain on my thirsty, thirsty lawn. This morning I woke up to the sound of strong thunderstorms. It's a nice rainy day and it feels so windy and good outside. It's not even hot. That is crazy talk for Southeast Texas in August. I've got both dogs shut in the bathroom with some toys, their carriers, and puppy pads on the floor. They don't want to go outside to do their business because it is thundering. Jax doesn't mind a little rain, but we went outside earlier and saw a huge lightening bolt followed by a really loud boom and he was suddenly all done being outside. Dexter thinks there is only one safe place in the world when it's thundering and that is right between my feet. His second choice of safety spots is his carrier, so he will get in there and hunker down till the terrible storm goes by.

I'm swamped under with work today because one of my hospitals decided to admit every person they could catch 2 days ago and now I have a ton of admits to code for just one place. I have 3 other hospitals, 2 students, and a side job. Pretty committed for a gal who's been accused of being commitment avoidant, I'd say!

I bought a bag of smooth river rocks and I have some big plans involving paints and tiny brushes and those rocks. Gonna paint me some rocks.

Wow! The house is shaking with thunder! I'd better get the rest of my work done before the power goes out.


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