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2015-08-19 - 2:02 p.m.

Oh muh goodness. I'm on a carb hangover. We had pizza for dinner, and then birthday cake and ice cream for my mom last night. I knew I was wrong for this and now I feel like hammered poo, to put it nicely. My folks and the uncle just pulled out of the driveway to go home. This was a long visit because the cancer doctor wanted some extensive tests run that were not available for scheduling on the day he ordered it and they were trying to work uncle in for this week. We've been on call for possible appointments. Today they found out it cannot happen for another 2 weeks so they are going home and will return in a couple of weeks to do the rest. The good news is, he seems to be cancer free. For some reason, his blood counts are very low and they have to get to the bottom of that little mystery. I suspect his spleen took some damage during radiation for the cancer.

So anyways... long visit. But I was very glad that mom was here for her birthday. I took her shopping on her actual birthday and bought her a Himalayan salt lamp. I'm also having some other things delivered to her, but I wanted her to have a gift in her hands on the right day. I had the chance to spend some serious quality time with my dad. He was teaching me the tricks to his favorite video game. He is fixated on that game and he has a lot of strategies that I didn't know about. It's funny how animated he gets talking about it.

The nephew shall return any day now and so my peaceful summer of bliss is almost over. He will be all happy to see me and ready to visit, so I'm not going to hit him with any new rules right away. But some thangs has got to change around here... I discovered when I was cleaning his room and making it into a guest room for my folks that he had removed the screen off his window. As if he didn't have near total freedom, apparently he likes to use his window as an exit for those rare times when he is supposed to be at home. That will not be happening again. He has messed up his blinds, climbing out his window. He has gotten oil all over the walls with his grimey hands. He has gotten oil on the carpet with the grimey shoes he is not allowed to ever wear in the house. I threw those shoes in the trash as soon as he left. That bedroom, and his bathroom will have to be redone when he moves out, which will be very soon if he doesn't do well in school and obey like a lobotomized drone from here on out. But Ima be nice that first day tho. hahaha

First thing this morning I found out my good buddy put in to be off on my exact vacation dates. I had not put in for mine yet because it's at the end of October so there's plenty of time. She knew I was going in late October, I don't know what possessed her to try to go the same week. We are not allowed to go at the same time so one of us had to withdraw and since mine cannot be changed, it was her. My vacation is coordinated with a bunch of people from 3 states, so there's no way I can change mine. We've already paid for the cabin. So now my vacation is approved and my buddy is having to re-plan.

I'm hungry today, cause carbs. I made the folks take all the leftover pizza and cake with them. I was handing out metformin like it was after dinner mints last night. Everyone is diabetic except my mom.

I'm happy I got to spend my sweet mother's birthday with her. She said it was a good one.

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