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2015-08-17 - 10:44 a.m.

Happy Monday! (I'm being facetious already)

I was aware that I wasn't asleep all night long last night. I hate when that happens. I feel pretty good today for a person who didn't get any decent sleep last night. I've been busy with house guests the last couple of days. My mom's birthday is tomorrow and I am pretty sure she will still be here. I might take her to Pottery Barn and buy her something over there. She loves her some Pottery Barn. My mom and the gays are keeping Pottery Barn in business.

My new boss is so much better than my old bosses. I had these 2 bosses that hate each other and all of us who were captive under their ever suspicious and watchful eyes. If anything whatsoever happens out of the ordinary, the bossiest of the 2 bosses tries to find a way that you willfully did something wrong or somehow breached the rules of conduct. Yes, even though most of us coders are beyond the age of 5, we are still treated like a class of unruly kindergartners. Due to some kind of typical corporate red tape, I am still a hostage on their payroll budget until January 1, even though I'm no longer their employee, so I have to depend on them to fix my time card if something unforeseen happens. On the pay period that just ended, I had 2 problems on my time card due to my internet going down twice, rendering me unable to clock in or out. I couldn't help any of this of course. So I started emailing last week to get it corrected. They ignored emails Thursday, Friday, and today. I knew one of them would pipe up this morning eventually, because they are required to turn in payroll by 10:00 am. Sure enough, one finally replied to question me about these internet outages. She needs to know exact times. I already volunteered to take PTO for both days even though I worked until the net went down both times. That's not good enough. We need an inquisition! If she really wants to spend her morning investigating 2 internet outages, I'm sure my ISP can assist them with that info.

It's been a thousand little annoyances with those 2. I've been working for them for over 5 years and I've been consistently professional and have gotten excellent audit results and annual evaluations. NEVER has it turned out that I was trying to get over, slide by, ride the time clock, cheat anyone or get out of doing anything. On my last evaluation one of them wrote that I was "a very high performer, very fast and accurate". At that time, I had the highest production in the company. Now my buddy has a slightly higher load than I have, but the 2 of us have far and away, the highest work loads in our department. I always do all my work and beat my deadlines. You'd think they would let a sister drop the ball once or twice before they start getting accusatory. And yet... Frick and Frack continue to question us like we are petty criminals. I guess they are just having fun with their last hurrah. January 1 cannot come fast enough.

Aaaaand... While I was writing the above rant they were busy stirring up another federal case over nothing. I think they resent the new boss and it bothers them that they don't have any control over the 2 of us who were transferred to the new division. They are now creating a ruckus over the fact that they've realized we have printing capabilities. They carefully made sure none of the other employees could print at home, which is stupid, since we can still send files to our personal email accounts and print that if we wanted to. We can still write down anything we see. We have access to all these files and could abuse it a thousand ways if that was what we were trying to do, so limiting our ability to print does not do anything but cause us to work around their limit.

Calgon, take me away!

Random fact: I love the sweet voice of the guy who sings for "Bastille". I could listen to him sing the dictionary.

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