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2015-08-14 - 7:36 p.m.

Can it really be Friday again already? There used to be several 24 hour days packed into every week, once upon a time.

I would love to relax, but my folks are most definitely coming to my house this weekend so I have big cooking to do. I am supposed to meet them tomorrow at a restaurant they like to stop at on their way here. It is about 45 minutes away from my house, but sometimes I go meet them there and we all eat together before coming back here. Then my mom rides with me and we get to talk all the way home. My uncle has his big check-up this week to make sure he is still cancer free. I cook all the meals once they are here. So I need to go to the grocery store tonight and buy enough food for a team of lumberjacks.

I am going to make some of my turmeric meatballs because they are so good and they reheat really well. I am going to bake some sweet potatoes too. It will be all ready to roll so on Sunday I'll whip up a big dinner in just a few minutes and amaze everyone. Then they'll destroy it like a plague of locusts.

Dexter has to go to the vet tomorrow for a nail trim, shots, and heart worm prevention. He loves to go to petsmart until we get about halfway down the store aisle towards the vet section and he remembers what happens back there. The thing he dreads the most is getting his nails ground down. He gets the most hilariously worried look on his face. Poor feller.

I ordered a toad house to go out back because there is a fat toad that lives out there and Jax gets after him every chance he gets. My toad house looks like a tree stump with a face carved on it. I love it. It will give Mr. Toad a handy hidey spot for helping him avoid my puppy. Jax is a terror to the toads. He hasn't hurt one, but he runs up on them real fast and sticks his nose on them if he gets a chance. Then they hop away in a sheer panic. Frogs are not big fans of wet dog noses on their skin, apparently. Or mouths that are big enough to completely contain them.

So. Must go to store.


I'd rather relax.

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