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2015-08-13 - 1:27 p.m.

Mercury is not even retro right now but I am encountering all kinds of off the wall technical difficulties here lately. A short while back, some dummy cut into the fiber optic cable and knocked me out of internet service for a day. Yesterday almost the same thing happened again, except it was my neighbor who apparently weed whacked the cable "tap". It was damaged outside.

What had happened wuz... I was working yesterday morning, just minding my business, getting stuff done when BLIP - Sudden unlink. So I calls Suddenlink and I says "Suddenlink, WTF?" This sort of thing is happening too frequently and I am getting frustrated with them even though it's not really their fault that my neighbor is a stupid head and the construction workers don't know better than to cut cables. What is justifiably frustrating though is the fact that they "can't" get a tech out till the next day unless you have a commercial account, then by all means they can do that right away because ya know... work is important N shit..

I found out that a commercial account costs a little more than residential but there is NO CAP on the data you use! So this solves my dilemma about streaming movies in UHD. I am going to upgrade to commercial and stream everydamnthing. Muahahaha!

So in all of this buffoonery of weed-whackers and construction workers, I had an unplanned day off yesterday. It came at a perfect time, because my traveling consultant friend was in town and wanted to meet for dinner at the crazy hour of 5 pm. That's a tad early for dinner, I'd say. It's good for beating the crowd though. So we met up and I have convinced her to do what I do for a living because she is getting sick of traveling all the time. That is exactly why I settled down and started doing this job! I got so tired of living out of my suitcase. She will start out doing a little coding on the side and once she feels secure with it she may or may not drop her main gig. She already has the credentials for this. We have the same educational background, degree, and credentials. She also said she might buy a house out here in my little suburb. This would be great. We have a lot in common.

I'm recruiting people left and right. I've got a niece in coding school, a friend is changing over to coding and I'm the trainer she will be assigned to when she gets the go ahead to begin, and now my consultant friend. Plus, the suddenlink rep yesterday asked me what I do from home and when I told her she said she was interested in that herself. She's working her life away for less than half what I make on one of my jobs. I tried to get my true love to come over to the gravy train, but we didn't get that initiative completed before he bailed. Boy, you quit on me just a hair too soon!!! We should have shut down second life and focused on the coding thing.

Hind sight is 20/20. Right??

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