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2015-08-11 - 2:57 p.m.

I just had an odd experience. I was all focused on what I'm doing for work right now. I'm editing a presentation that is going to be used to train all future coders and new users of an important software application we use. I was completely absorbed in what I was doing to the point that I wasn't aware of anything else. As I was working along, I gradually realized something was happening to me. I felt like I was having an adrenaline rush, like I was excited about something, and I felt like crying. This brought me out of my work trance and I noticed my favorite song, Lateralus (by Tool) was playing.

For some reason, that song has a big effect on me, physically and psychologically. It makes me feel excited, inspired, and overwhelmed. The song builds excitement. In concert, it is crazy intense. This song just sort of climbs and builds, bringing the crowd to a full lather by certain point in the song. I have many times burst into tears just listening to this song. It's not sad or anything, it just touches me in a place of ... wonder/excitement/possibility/inspiration/love.

I find it interesting that even when my mind isn't present and consciously focused on the music, my body still responds to it.

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