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2015-08-10 - 4:21 p.m.

Jax tells me it's too damn hot to be outside in a fur coat. I must concede the guy has a valid point.

As hot as it is, I'm not trying to rush summer since it has brought me an awesome break from my lovable yet irritating nephew. I have 2 weeks at the absolute most to continue enjoying my clean and beautiful sanctuary. He definitely wants to come back and do school. Working at a hard labor job all summer in the ungodly heat has inspired him to try to do something less sweat intensive. I still want to help him, so I'm going to let him come back but he needs to tend to business, because if he fails school again, he's got to make other living arrangements. I've been hosting him for 2 years and he's gotten nowhere and the grace period is up. He blew his Pell grant and had to raise the money to pay for this next semester out of his own pocket, so hopefully he won't let it all go down the drain this time. If he does, I'm shipping him off to his mama or one of his grandmas. Or he can live with friends or be a professional couch surfer. If I was his age I would apply to resorts where part of your pay is room and board. You get to spend the summer in a resort and then go back to your ho hum life afterwards. I was unhappily married already at his age.

Nothing is worse than marrying the wrong person. It's a special kind of misery. Never marry someone just to have the experience of marriage, or because you think it's the right thing to do, or to keep from hurting someone's feelings, or because you think *maybe* you can be happy with that person. That shit breeds contempt.

The only reason to ever marry anyone is because you love them to the absolute bottom of your soul and cannot imagine your life without them in it. You cannot do without them. You love them so much that you accept their flaws and you would no more turn your back on them than you would turn your back on your child, no matter how tough the going gets. Because it's real love. Not just something you occupy yourself with until you start to have disagreements. Real love can weather difficulties without ending. Bwah.

Even then, it only works if the other party loves you like that too.

Anything less degenerates into quiet desperation.

Book it, know it.

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