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2015-07-31 - 2:01 p.m.

Something hilarious and terrible happened today. My nephew accidentally posted something publicly on his wall in Facebook that he thought was going into a private message to one of his depraved friends. It was something so vile, so filthy, so gross, so heinous. It almost couldn't have been any worse. It was sort of like cartoon porn of a beloved famous character ass-raping someone. I don't want to say all the details because I don't want anyone to google that filth and land here, plus some things can attract investigation. It was pretty darn bad. I just happened upon this today and it had already been up for about a half hour. I immediately started messaging my sister in all caps, yelling for her to SEEEEEEE WHAT HER OFFSPRING POSTED. I told her it literally couldn't be worse unless it was real people and there was a child involved. She saw it and flipped out. Because our whole family and many, many churchy old people can see what he posts. I texted him and asked him if he really meant to post that and he texted back "FUCK" and later "Fuck Facebook forever". hahaha. He explained that he thought he was private-messaging a friend. Then he went into panic mode because he couldn't get it off his page. His mom and I both advised him to go on FB and announce that he had been hacked and is sorry for the filth that *somebody* posted on his account. He doesn't want to do that because he thinks it will look stupid to his friends. He's going to try to ease by and hope like Hell the grandparents didn't see it. I bet we haven't heard the last of this debacle.

Ah.. life is pretty good today.

My little side facility has hired me a minion to do my evil bidding. This person will scan me all the info and run after all the facts. I hope she is very cooperative. I also hope she has none of my skills and is happy being a clerk. I am very happy with my little side job right now because the census stays low so it's been just easy, easy money. I get paid whether I have to do a little or a lot. My pay is based on the size of the facility rather than the number of tasks I do. Lately it's been very easy since the census dipped very low.

Now that the initial flurry of activity died down, it's very easily managed with my other job. Time is flying by. Last day of July already! I'm looking forward to Autumn.

My Uncle who comes to my house for his quarterly cancer check ups is in the hospital with a possible recurrence of cancer. I sure hope it's not cancer. It may just be an infection. He has low platelets and difficulty breathing. He's a COPD patient. It's very likely my folks will bring him very soon to be seen at the cancer center. So I need to prepare for house guests. I've got to go shopping anyway. I'm almost out of dog food.

Jax weighs at least 8 pounds now. He's getting porky. Dexter has gained weight too. It's from all that competing for food! He eats whether he wants to or not - just to keep Jax from getting it all. Dogs are completely unashamed of their greediness. And that's funny.

Happy Friday!!

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