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2015-07-21 - 2:37 p.m.

Oh my, but the heat is oppressive. I've heard that Satan lives in Hell and rents out his Texas property. Thank goodness for air-conditioning!

I wish it would rain! We were at flood stage recently and now my yard is trying to dry up.

My work load is light today so fortunately for me, I will have time to get this other project done that isn't due yet. We're going to have a conference call on Friday to discuss a plan to get this thing done and my goal is to have it completely done before the call. It's not nearly as big a problem as the boss thinks and her plan to have a call to make a plan to plan the plan sounds like a bunch of hassle for nothing to me. Instead of a bunch of planning, I'd rather jump in and get it done. I'm about a third of the way done already.

New Boss is talking about assigning one of my hospitals to someone else because she wants me freed up to start training another new coder. If she takes me off that hospital, they are going to flip out. We have an "understanding" and everyone is happy with the way it works between me and them. A new coder is not going to be a super smooth transition for them. They require a lot of hand holding. There is an odd lady that works there and she just needs to feel important. I discovered the way to make her happy is to send her on many little silly errands. It makes her feel like she is vital to keeping everything on track there. I discovered this when I got sick of her constant mewling and decided to run her ass all over the hospital on stupid errands to keep her whiny ass busy. I thought she would hate it and start laying low (and shutting up) to avoid being worked like a rented mule, but to my astonishment, she LIKED IT. She became very complimentary and kept happily commenting on how very busy I had been. She feels like I'm really plugged in to her facility and looking very closely into the charts. She loves it, so I keep sending her on errands to ask questions that I don't really need the answers to. But hey, whatever floats her boat...

People are funny. She was really on my nerves there for a while until I discovered the magic trick to keeping her pacified. She will dislike any new coder they assign there.

I kind of like training the new coders. Like every new thing I get thrown into, this will just expand my resume and prepare me for new things. I've really learned to roll with it and accept changes. Maybe because they are good changes. I probably haven't gotten one iota better at accepting negative changes. ha!

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