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2015-07-18 - 12:22 p.m.

The puppy sleeps in a dog kennel. He doesn't seem to mind one bit. It is necessary, because I don't want him to get up in the night or early morning and do bad things while I am asleep, obliviously dreaming of my ex still loving me and proposing marriage with a shower curtain ring.

My other dog has never, ever pooped in the kennel. Even from his youngest days, staying in the kennel while I was working all day, he never once pooped in the kennel. So guess what I woke up to today?? Jax shat in the box. I didn't know until I had pulled him out of the kennel and hugged him up all tight and got a big whiff of POO. I took him outside and hosed him down. He no likey. But thems the breaks. My nightgown was not looking sexy with the big brown Rorschach spot all over the front of it. Coincidentally, the Rorschach spot looked just like an angry white woman choking a fat puppy.

I brought the guilty pooper back in the house and stuck him right into a bath with good smelling puppy shampoo. There has since been forgiveness on both sides of the confrontation. I don't know if he couldn't hold it, or if he is just stupid. Most dogs won't poop in the kennel where they can't get away from it. Maybe he is just more of a "poop now, ask questions later" kind of guy.

Washing a poop smeared puppy wasn't my ideal first activity of the day and washing out a poop smeared kennel was not my ideal second activity of the day, but alas.. that is how I spent my morning.

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