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2015-07-17 - 1:55 p.m.

I am eating something I like to call "Nature's sorbet". It's just frozen blueberries. ha. Sam's club has been selling these gigantor blueberries lately. I mean, they are the size of grapes. They are really good tasting too. I wash them as soon as I get them home from the store because they go bad really quick. I spread them out on a tray and freeze them and then bag them up in a heavy duty ziplock bag and stick it in the freezer. When I eat them, I get a small serving from the freezer bag and let them sit and thaw for a few minutes. When they are just starting to soften up but are still mainly frozen, they are like perfect sorbet.

My mom squirreled out on the visit for this weekend. I suspected she would. I'm actually kind of glad, because now I don't have to worry about being ready, buying groceries, or having to go house looking in the heat.

My mom found a huge, fabulous house that costs more than a half million dollars and she has decided that together, we can afford this. She would like for me to go in with them to buy it and they would contribute all the money from the sale of their house and I could sell my house and use my equity and be left with a small payment for that mansion. She has a valid point that this is do-able. It might even be a good idea. It would be for some people. Not so much for me though, because I am a free spirit and sometimes I get a wild idea and actually do it. I might liquidate my stuff and go back packing in Europe or move to Colorado, or buy a summer home, or "accidentally" buy another house here. I can't buy a house with them because then I'd be stuck and unable to sell it and move if the urge struck me. If "mansion" was my end game, it would totally make sense to do it though.

I went into overtime in the first hour of my work day today. I had 11 hours overtime last week so I need to hurry up and get off the clock today. I don't want to push it to the point that they start scrutinizing how much overtime I'm costing them. I'm off the clock right now for my lunch break, but we're required to take that break. I am going to try to clock out for the day as soon as possible. I have worked at least 4 hours every single day of this pay period that ends tomorrow. But I've had as my sole responsibility 4 hospitals, 2 outpatient practices, and a student to mentor and that is way too much for one person to do in a 40 hour work week.

I am going to take it easy this weekend. I need to go visit my family soon but I'm thinking it won't be this weekend.

Random thought: I wonder how much bigger this meaty puppy is going to get. He is an eater and a half.

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