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2015-07-08 - 11:13 p.m.

I am making a second entry for today because I have to show this:


The photo above is an "off the grid" property that is for sale very close to my favorite place, Estes Park.

My ultimate dream is to have a house in a cooler climate that is off the grid and is powered by solar panels and wind turbines. The place in the picture has no electric bill, no water bill, and that dome out front is for growing things. There are greenhouses on the property. There is a 3000 gallon water tank. It sits on 5 acres of God's own country. This is not the most beautiful house I ever saw, but the property has everything I'm looking for. I'd like to grow cherry trees and black plums. If the grid went down, this place would keep right on going without a hiccup.

I saw a lot of other self sufficient homes for sale too. I was surprised to find this one pretty much exactly where I would want to live.

This is something I can make happen. I am manifesting this.


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