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2015-07-07 - 2:11 p.m.

I'm so excited!

Back when this blog's purpose was only to serve as a diary in which to woefully agonize over my ruined love life (and I thought I had no readers) I could just say whatever I felt like saying without worrying too much about the ridiculousness of my content. Now I find myself thinking about it and wanting to censor myself.

This entry for example... it's going to seem obnoxious and braggy. Can't be avoided. In fact, I could easily make it even more insufferable, because I am just *that* excited. I apologize in advance. I feel like I hit the jackpot. This has been a long time coming, but today I finally reeled in this big fish I've been luring for several months.

I have been hired to provide coding services for a small free-standing facility in addition to my full time job. This is a whole 'nother paycheck, y'all! I've done this before and it is awesome. The volume of work is small for the financial reward I'll be getting, and yet it benefits the company very much to have me on board. They know I will enhance their bottom line with consultant level services for far less than it would cost them to hire a credentialed full time employee with benefits. They won't have to spend money on audits to check my work, because I am the expert they hire to check people's work! This is a win/win situation. Also, they are building another facility that they say will also be outsourced to me for my services. They are aware that they are not my only gig, so I am free to set my own hours. I am being added to their payroll, so I won't even have to invoice them and wait for payment. This couldn't be better.

This coincided amazingly well with the addition of the new fax/scanner/copier that I got for my office, because I need it today to send back my human resources packet. Coincidence? I think not.

Multiple streams of income is the closest thing to financial security that I can get in this volatile changing world we live in. I had a boyfriend/fiancé/life partner (I thought) who was learning to do what I do and the plan was to expand my operation and pass some of my business to him so that together we would make ridiculous piles of cash. ::sigh:: That was an awesome plan. I was looking forward to that! Not just the money, but the freedom of working from home and having the money to go places and do things. My next door neighbors have it made. The wife started an online business. She creates monogram patterns or something... doesn't sound like the path to riches, but it got so successful that her husband was able to quit his job and he helps her!! They are making a fine living and no one over there goes to work.

I am not sure I can rely on this arrangement to last for the long haul, though it will be great and worth while even if it doesn't last forever. It's easy money! If it proves stable and the next facility is added as planned, I will be able to get that summer home in Colorado that I've been dreaming of! I might add another side gig from another company to add security, but I don't want to bury myself in work, every waking moment spent hunkered over a computer. As it stands now, I can easily handle this little facility in addition to my job. I can probably knock out their daily stuff during my lunch break. If I have to work beyond regular work hours, it won't be very much.

So that's my news. I'm stoked.

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