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2015-07-06 - 10:58 a.m.

On Saturday I went into the city of Houston with some folks, one of whom was packing heat. This turned out to be a comfort later on, when we found ourselves in a bad area with bums and thugs just crawling out of the woodwork, most of them approaching to ask for "a little bit of change".

One guy walked past us, casually playing with a yo-yo and said "Gotcha some of that good cush. Set you right." He was assuming some stuff about us. My gun toting friend also has long hair, a beard, and some piercings. Hairy guys with piercings get offered a lot of drugs on the street.

My innocent and sheltered eyes saw a guy standing up against a wall with his head hanging down and one leg shaking uncontrollably. It was amazing that he was able to stay upright, more or less. There was a line of drool going from his mouth, swinging in the humid breeze. It was pretty tenacious for a line of drool. It didn't break. (unlike the junkie's dignity)

Don't do drugs, kids.

A woman walked up to me and said "Can I get a little money so I can eat?" I said "We've already been asked about 14 times." and she started laughing uproariously. Every street person out there needed to "eat". She just shuffled off. I can't imagine being in the state of mind where I am shuffling up to people, telling them an obvious lie to try to mooch some money for my next fix.

Again, don't do drugs, kids.

There are places in Houston that are bright, shiny, and clean. And then there are areas where I shouldn't go, ever. We saw a black dude standing on a corner yelling about how "We must REMOVE the white man and all the rest of these evil and filthy heathens from other countries OUT of our society! Eliminate them!" Me and the other crackers overheard some cops talking about that guy and a black female officer said "We'll take him in and he can be a racist in jail."

I like cities, but obviously there's a big downside and it is beneficial to take a body guard when exploring the more dangerous areas.

Here is a cool fact about Houston: There is a city underneath Houston! Amazingly enough, 20 feet below the streets there are 6 miles of tunnels with hundreds of shops, restaurants, and businesses inside. You can get down there via escalators found in the city buildings and one parking garage. The tunnels are only open Monday through Friday and they close at 6:30 pm. It's fascinating. I wish they were open on the weekends. You would think they would want to get that weekend cash from the people who are working all week.

It's nice to be back in my jammies, coding charts in the safety of my own home. I'd better get back to that coding thing. These people expect me to just work and work.

::le sigh::

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