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2015-07-05 - 12:20 p.m.

I've had a pretty good weekend. Had house guests who are still here, went to a bar Friday night and acquired an admirer who may or may not have a girl trapped in a well in his basement, saw some fireworks, saw a movie, did a little drankin', and that's about it. Went to Chuy's, which is the best Mexican food around. I don't go there hardly ever anymore because of the high carb situation. There's a deadly corn chip booby trap over there.

I don't like to eat corn. Allow me to tell you why... Corn is not a food. No one should eat it. It's delicious, but it's bad for us. Most grains these days are not food. The overwhelming majority of corn grown for food has been genetically modified. The thing that ripped it for me with corn was something I heard on talk radio. Awhile back, there was some talk about certain fast food chains announcing that they would no longer buy chicken from farmers that use antibiotics on the chickens. This spurred Tyson Chicken (I believe it was Tyson) to announce that they will be cutting back on the levels of antibiotics they are using on the chickens. On this particular radio show, an expert was talking about that and said that they can't cut out antibiotic use for pigs, because it is the common practice to give pigs low doses of antibiotics throughout their lives due to the fact that they are fed corn (because corn is cheap) and their bodies are not meant to ingest corn so they constantly have lesions on their livers and infections due to eating the corn. That is all I need to know. If eating corn gives pigs lesions on their livers, what is it doing to people?

Unfortunately, very thin corn chips in Mexican restaurants are delicious. So herein lies the rub. My solution is to stay out of Chuy's for the most part. A few chips once in a while won't give you liver sores, but a steady diet of it cannot be good for us.

I am about to rip down my diet to basically protein and salad for a while. I've had too many little cheats here and there and it's time to restart my momentum.

After my guests leave, I'm going to do a little overtime. I have a shit load of charts to code.

I hear some late sleepers moving around!

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