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2015-06-27 - 10:06 p.m.

This is my city:

Houston, Texas

I love the Houston skyline. I would like to have a scale model of the skyline to go in this big archway that is between my kitchen and living room. It would be great if it lit up at night. I've looked around online to see if I could find model skyscrapers to just make a skyline in that space in my house, but it would be perfect if I could duplicate the Houston skyline. All my life I have loved cities. My sister is just the opposite. She is the country mouse and I am the city mouse.

I like nature too, but I feel a thrill from the sight of a city. It feels too daunting to think about making this big set of buildings myself. I would like to 3D print them. I bet that's possible, but it would probably cost a fortune.

If anyone has any fantastic ideas... lay it on me.


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