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2015-06-26 - 12:52 p.m.

I woke up this morning from a dream of my ex. As is always the case these days, every dream I have of him ends up with us being face to face, practically with our foreheads touching. In this dream, we were laying down and our faces were so close that I noticed that I could see the pores of his skin and the individual facial hairs. This close up intimate scene in my recurring dream always makes me feel happy, because I love him. Even though... :-(

I feel like we've had a visit. He was my comfort, my love, my other half for a lot of years so I guess it's not surprising that he is still starring in my dreams.

SO... I made a new avatar named NynaSwords. I chose a basic avatar out of several ready made ones that are available to be chosen, then they can be customized endlessly, which is pretty fun. I got started on her, but I plan to keep shopping around for awhile and have fun with it. Things have changed a lot with the mesh technology and I almost feel like a newbie again. I signed in with my business avatar so she can transfer money and clothing to the new girl. I conversed in Spanish with some random noob. It's so funny to me that I can actually carry on a bit of a limited conversation in Spanish because I live in a suburb of Houston, Texas and there are so many Spanish speaking people here that I have picked it up by osmosis. I watch a little Telemundo every now and then to see how well I can follow along. When I first moved here, some of the Spanish billboards and signs looked like gibberish and now I understand them! I like learning languages.

I forgot to call in for my Friday conference call today. I was not at my keyboard when my email reminder popped up. I don't think it will matter, since these twits are always late for the call and they will probably think it was their fault. Hahaha. ::sigh:: I'm not feeling this whole work thing today. My company sent me a brand new fax, scanner, printer and they are soon to be sending me a shredder. This is my new boss's idea. I really don't need these things, but, uh.. ok. I'm not complaining. I don't feel like setting it up today. I have quite the office here with my 3 giant monitors, 2 towers, a work laptop, regular printer, and now the fax / printer beast.

Back to the old grindstone. I need to finish my deadlined work so I can be freeeee.

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