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2015-06-25 - 2:21 p.m.

Can you believe it's almost the weekend again?? It seems like time is hurtling by faster than it used to. I had a nice chat with the nephew today and we talked about possibilities for his future. He has no idea what he wants to be. I told him that he has the brains and looks and charm to be whatever he wants to be. He can just dream it up and make it happen. He is going to go spend the next couple of months working with his dad. I am going to have my house all to myself and this is a break I sorely need. I'm tired of parenting. I love the kid and we have had a good time around here lately, but I'll be happy to experience total privacy and freedom. I look forward to cooking for one. I'm sure I will miss him. Some. hah!

I am thinking I will go back into Second Life and see if I can enjoy it again. Maybe I will make some more inventory for my store. I'm a low level content creator in there and I have very consistent sales on clothes and thigh daggers, and floor candles. My ex made my scripts for me and I miss his input - hah! In more ways than one!! I miss having virtual property, but I'm not in there enough to warrant paying tier fees to own anything. I wish the ex would get over whatever it is that prevents him from being able or willing to work with me again on some virtual collaborations. We could at least rule the virtual world. I need scripts but I don't want to learn to script. I can do real simple scripting.

I haven't enjoyed the virtual world since before my break up with the ex. I sign in once in a while to check on my virtual business, but I haven't really been into it in years. I go in every now and then thinking I might get into it again, but I will have to start over and rebuild a circle of friends and find fun stuff to do. We shall see. Maybe I'll make a new avatar so I can avoid customers of mine and this dude from India who loves me against my will and won't leave me alone if he sees I am online. Maybe I'll make a new girl and give the name in here so anyone reading can come hit me up. That might be fun.

OK... I made a new avatar. is the site where you can make a free avatar and get a free account. My name is NynaSwords. Get it? Nine of swords. heh

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